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The Order of the Divines

Soul Shriven
About us
We are a Knight themed, military RP, PvP/PvE friendly guild, seeking active membership in the Ebonheart pact. We do not have any requirements for joining, all levels are excepted. We will be having events in the future which include formation marches, patrols, guard duty, scouting, drills, raids, dungeons and of course PvP campaigns. As for the RP portion members of the Order, will be serving the eight Divines and protecting their worshipers. The Order has a clear chain of command, which acts as an executive branch to a unique decision making body called the Council.


Grand Master - The over all leader of the Order in terms of Executive establishment. Often handles the Orders overall well being. (Full Authority Outside of the Council. However during Council this individual is equal to the Knight Commanders and Knight Captains who make up the rest of the council.)

Knight Commanders - Each Knight Commander is to be seen as the final authority when it comes to issues of rank and file. They are only responsible to themselves and the Grand Master. Along with being members of the Council they each head a Chapter of the Order in which the Order's Membership is Divided into.

Knight Captain - To be considered advisers to and an extension of the Knight Commander and their authority. These dedicated Knights are the last part of the Order to be excepted at Council. Knight Captains will be seen often at the front leading the Order's assaults.

Knight Sergeant - To be considered the veterans of the Order. They are to be used as Squad leaders reporting to the Knight Captain during incursions. During Peace they are to be used as an Honor Guard.

Knight Errant - These individuals have proven themselves worthy enough to be Knighted, however they have yet to prove themselves as Knights to the Order. Errants will be given specific Tasks by the Captain or Commander. These Tasks will help them gain renown within the Order to better establish themselves towards advancement. During war they are to be assigned to a Sergeant by a Captain for Squad formation.

Footman - The Soldiers that form the back bone of the Order. These individuals through Merritt aim to be Knighted. They are the bulk of the front line forces, to be assigned to Squads by the Captain.

Squires - These individuals through Merritt will prove themselves whether or not they will be useful to the Order. They are at the disposal of all the Knights.

For more info feel free to give me a shout.
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    Soul Shriven
    How do we join?
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