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Monster Helms in PTS Templates

Heya PTS Clan

Is there a way to get other Monster Helms in the PTS without grinding the dungeons in questions..? (Not the IC ones in the Orsinium Template)

Specifically Im after the Bogdan the Nightflame helms to do some theory crafting with..
PC / NA - 1100 CP
L50 Khajit StamDK PvE DPS 76k (US/EP) "Snowflake Crusher"
L50 Redguard StamNecro PvE DPS (US/DC) "Skeletons In The Closet"
L50 Khajit StamPlar PvE DPS (US/EP) "Critteh Kitteh"
L50 Orc StamSorc PvE DPS (US/AD) "Fraggle Proc"
L50 Argonian MagTemplar PvE Healer (US/EP) "Smothers-With-Pillows"
L50 Breton MagWarden PvE Healer (US/EP) "Drunk-The-Koolaid"
L50 Altmer MagSorc PvE DPS (US/DC) "Acirrum" - The vMA Potato PetSorc
L50 Redguard StamDK PvE Tank (US/DC) "Rampant Rabbit"
L50 Dunmer MagDK PvE DPS (US/DC) "Deep Fried Bin Chicken"
L50 Altmer MagBlade PvE DPS (US/AD) "Ivanna Dodgeroll"
L50 Breton MagNecro PvE DPS (US/DC) "Ivanna Fakakakis"
L40 Orc StamDen PvE DPS (US/EP) "Fugly Betty"
L20 Redguard StamBlade PvP Tank (US/AD) "Sneak Dogg"

Xbox One / NA - 360 CP
L50 Altmer MagBlade (US/AD) "Cork Soaking"
L10 Argonian Templar (US/EP) "Makes-Me-Moist"
L10 Argonian MagDK (US/EP) "<Forced-Name-Change>"
L27 Altmer MagSorc (US/EP) "Sorcie McSorcface"

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