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Darkshade's bugged

Darkshade Caverns seems to be bugged.

Myself and two others get to the point in the quest where we need to talk to Nervyna Selos and all she says is:
"Ah, the murderer's accomplice, I think I'll kill you first."

and there are no further options.

me and my group have logged in in and out multiple times and it did nothing.
I play on the XBOX ONE

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Gedryn - EP Dark Elf DPS MagBlade
Amalene - DC Imperial Stamplar
Alrisa Dalveni - EP MagBlade (Vampire)
  • LadyNalcarya
    You can just continue killing bosses in the dungeon, just kill the dunmer npc that hides behind the centurion boss, and you will be able to finish the quest :)
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