Vet Maelstrom Arena - Stamina Sorcerer - Full Run 410k (Uncut)

Class Representative

5x Hundings
3x Endurance (2x Weap dmg, 1x Stam rec)
1x Kena
1x Bloodspawn
1x 2H Maelstrom mce/1x Maelstrom Bow.
HP/Stam bufffood
Shadow Mundus

Bar 1 2H
Crit Rush
Wrecking Blow
F.Dawnbreaker/WW Ulti

Bar 2 Bow
Arrow Barage
Defensive Rune
Crit Surge
Thundering Presence
Evil Hunter
Ice Comet

Other full runs with other chars:
Stam NB:
Stam DK:
Stam Temp:
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Cesille -- Redguard Templar -- Xeloki -- Redguard DK // Cezille -- Altmer Templar // Cathamalexiaqotinissiza -- Redguard Sorcerer
Wildfire Hodor RIP in CWC
Worlds 1st vAS HARDMODE clear in CWC
Worlds 1st vAS clear in CwC // Worlds 1st vAS + 1 Llothis clear in CwC // Worlds 1st vAS + 1 Felms clear in CwC
Worlds 1st HoF Tick-Tock Tormentor in HotR
Worlds First HoF Stress Tested in HotR // Worlds First Hof Well-Oiled Machine in HotR
Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication clear // Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication Hardmode clear // Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication Speedrun
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 165456 in HS // Worlds #1 vSO Score 173761 in HS // Worlds #1 vAA Score 145157 in HS
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 163308 in OT // Worlds #1 vSO Score 171353 in OT// Worlds #1 vAA Score 144177 in OT // Worlds #1 vHRC Score 154149 in OT
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 150882 in SotH // Worlds #1 vSO Score 153121 in SotH // Worlds #1 vAA Score 121093 in SotH // Worlds #1 vHRC Score 128815 in SotH
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 93699 in DB // Worlds #1 vSO Score 159083 in DB
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 86828 in TG
Worlds 1st Guild to complete ALL vMoL achievments // Worlds 1st vMoL clear [VR16] // Worlds 1st vMoL speed run [VR16]
Worlds 1st vMoL No-Death // Worlds 2nd vMoL HM
Worlds 1st vMSA Stamina Clear (Templar) // Worlds 1st vMSA Stamina no Death (DK) // Worlds 2nd vMSA Stamina no Death (NB)
Worlds 1st vSO Speedrun // Worlds 2nd vSO Hardmode.
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  • Nifty2g
    i actually laughed you got hit by the ENRAGE MECHANIC ON POISON????????? why is that a thing and why does ARROW SPRAY apply poison dot
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