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Veteran dungeon, mixed lvls vs final boss

Lately I (on vet lvl 1 nightblade) was grouped for some veteran dungeon (the one with skeletal pirate captain) with 3 others vet players (lvls10-12) and we tried to kill the final boss in this large cave with beach. We tried this boss several times in our 4 people group, but eventually we were dying one by one. Then we already started to suspect it's some bug in boss mechanics, which alows him for the single kills of dmg value more than our all health points.
But after my next death I accidentally hit wrong key and spawned at nearest dungeon wayshrine instead of inside boss area, and in a meantime, when I was running through dungeon back to collegues, they already started a next fight with boss. I awaited at the doors to boss without the ability to enter, which is ok, but it appeared that my presence wasn't necessary this time, because those 3 players killed the boss easily and very fast without my help.
So the question is, how is that possible, that 3 people can kill so easily the final boss, when it's not possible for much longer efforts of 4 players. It seems without me the boss no more used the high dmg killing attacks causing instant death.
And we noted similar boss behaviour (very quick and high dmg attacks causing instant death for player who had all health up in time of hit) in earlier boss of the same dungeon.
I guess it was some bug, due to high lvl difference, wrong group Finder settings or anything else...
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