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Odd voice bug (White Tower glitch)

Soul Shriven
So I played Imperial City White Tower for the first time, completed it, but in the area that you go to after beating the dungeon, if you walk backwards to the part where a deep demonic voice mocks you/taunts after climbing the ladder, after leaving the area the voice will continue playing every now and again.

As in, I've logged out and back multiple times, but occassionaly (maybe every 2 minutes), I can hear one of like 8 lines of dialogue in my game. Just imagine the voicelines that Molag says to you right before the boss fight of a dark anchor, only have it on loop that plays every few minutes. Is it a glaring problem? Not really, but it gets annoying after a while as it can get very loud, plus knowing that it's still there is a bummer.
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