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Bad Latency lately

Last few days I've logged in my ping rate is 250ms to 500ms. In the past it would be between 80 and 100. Anyone else noticing this as well?
  • syzmic
    Yes the past 3 or 4 days has been around that for me as well.
  • magnusthorek
    Don't take this too personal but come complain when you play every single day with a latency of AT LEAST 200 with not rare peaks of 500, 700, even 999+, dying without seeing what hit you
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  • Ganj
    Lately? Since beta.
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  • ArcVelarian
    Yeah, ever since the latest patch I've been getting frequent spikes of 500+ ms outside of Cyrodiil.
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  • pirate3
    Yep. Massive lag. Game freezing and kicking me out, forcing me to reboot my machine before I can relog. All the fun of the fair.
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