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Objectives in IC Sewers/Districts that count towards Alliance Scoring

I feel like ZOS dropped the ball with leaving out stuff to actually fight for aside from grinding/farming spots with the IC areas. This was supposed to be a PvP update but it feels more PvE since nothing you do in the IC actually counts towards anything in the Alliance War score. I'm sure there are already plenty of threads with this same idea, but they could have easily done something with the districts where your alliance needs to hold a certain objective to generate points. It would have added a whole new dimension for PvP as you would have to care about both the IC itself and the rest of cyrodiil, making objective calls and multiple areas of attack something to think about instead of knowing where the next attack will come based on the logical flow of how the map is laid out
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  • bertenburnyb16_ESO
    they talked about "capturing districts for your alliance" long ago and everybody was hoping for something like this, .... but they didnt, and now IC is just a farm- & gankfest
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