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[NA/DC] Wayrest Fighters Guild -- Mercenary-Themed Guild; Heavy RP/RPvE, OFFICERS NEEDED.

Soul Shriven
Hello once again, fellow roleplayers! While forum-coding is not my most-leveled skill, I do have confidence in my Speech skill so bear with me and I'm sure it'll be just fine.

The Wayrest Fighters Guild is project of mine, aiming to pull the Fighters Guild into the RP community on a grand scale. Ultimately, the goal would be for our guild to be the go-to name for writers whose characters are part of the F.G., and wish to represent that in-character.

"But Wait!" I hear you say. "What makes this different from any other military/mercenary-themed guild? Those are so BORING!"

Ah, but what makes the Fighter's Guild so unique, dear viewer, is its well-defined position as an empire-wide Guild.
This is a guild that treats itself Like a Guild. Not a House, or a Legion, or a School, or Tribe or anything else. The Fighters Guild is first and foremost an organization of mercenaries, and that's exactly what It will feel like.

Now then. Without going too far into detail just yet, most guild RP events will be contract-based. Each of the six Guardians(We'll get to that in just a second ;P) are able to post contracts in the "Message of the Day" section of the guild page for their designated region. Contracts could range from RP'ing a dolmen or dungeon to camping in the woods on a scouting contract to even sweeping the floors of a Fighters Guild Hall (for the rookies heheh). There would also from time-to-time be events such as grand feasts/celebrations, Private meetings between the Guardians, and training days for the lower-ranking members (If you've ever been to the F.G. hall in Sentinel, you'll see what I'm talking about.)

Right, so the purpose of this post was not exactly to advertise a completed and realized Guild with set-in-stone rules and such. No, this post is mainly for a specific Job description. You see, dearest Reader, a guild like the Fighters Guild is ideal for making into an RP Guild for a few main reasons.

1.) Unlike say, The Dark Brotherhood, the F.G. doesn't have many specific rules or tenets that carry over from game to game. This means there's alot of wiggle-room in terms of how we actually wish to run the Guild.

2.) The fact that the Fighters Guild is already well-known in the Elder Scrolls universe and has stations all over the continent means that there's a sense of familiarity for both veteran TES players and new ones. This common knowledge of what the Guild is all about would make it easier to recruit new members or people interested in joining an RP Guild, since you don't have to give them a longer (possibly confusing) explanation of what your guild is.

3.) Pre-established Guild Halls in all the major cities and smaller outposts in the countryside hamlets means that (once the guild is large enough) no matter where they are, members of the guild and roleplayers in general can easily find reasonable places to RP with each other. This may be the most important reason for me creating this guild, because I see it as an opportunity to diversify the nature of common RP-hubs in the Covenant. I don't know about you, but I don't like looking at my character's relationships with other characters and finding that he met just about everyone he knows at an inn. I'd absolutely love for this to catch on so that random roleplay (and by extension, meeting new roleplayers) can happen outside of the tavern.

After carefully thinking about these and a few other, less important factors, I decided that this is a guild not suited to be run by a single person, but by a team. It is here that the concept of Guardians come in. Now, ideally, there will be 6 Guardians; one for each region/major city, with Bangkorai having two Guardians given its dual-provincial nature. These Guardians would fill the role of a sort of regional officer, and titles would sound something like 'Guardian of Glenumbra', 'Guardian of Rivenspire', etc. The Guildmaster himself (yours truly) would be the Guardian of Stormhaven as well as the leader of the Guardian Council. This also makes the F.G. Hall in Wayrest the main hub for guild affairs. Each Guardian is therefore assigned their own Major Guild Hall as well as management of guild affairs in their respective region.

The regional Guardians would also be somewhat responsible for recruiting in the zone chats of their areas, in order to draw in new members with the most efficiency. If a contract was posted and requires fighters to complete a task in a certain area, members of the guild might report to the region's F.G. Hall before and after completion of the task for assessment by their Guardian and possible promotion/demotion. Keep in mind that all of this is subject to change as I want to wait until all the Guardians are recruited before we start solidifying things.

It is worth noting that while werewolves would be feasibly by accepted into the guild under certain circumstances, vampires would not as part of the Fighters Guild's mission during the time-frame of ESO is, well, to slay the undead.

SO! Dearest Reader, if you're still here I assume it means you're somewhat interested in the Guild? That's Wonderful! Please, by all means, leave something in the thread so I can gauge how many people we'll have. And more importantly, if you're an experienced heavy roleplayer and you'd like to sign up for one of the 5 open Guardian slots, let me know here on the thread or find me in-game by my character, Raz al-Assad, or @Skysword455.

Honor and Blood, Comrade!
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