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Weird lag in PvE for the last 3 days

The past few days I've experienced constant lag in the PvE zones (I don't PvP yet). There's like a 2 second delay between spells and weapon switching. Normally I can adapt to these type of things, but sometimes the spell fails to cast, so I have to hit it again.. that's going a bit far. I've spoken with my ISP, and we ran some tests - everything was fine. I thought it would be anyway because nothing outside of ESO feels any different. Is there anything that could be causing this odd delay? Sometimes it gets so bad I can't interact with anything and have to close down the client. Shutting the client down and opening helps it for about 30 seconds, then it begins to lag again.

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  • Nebthet78
    I find that every time they skip weekly maintenance this happens. They need betters servers for this game, or better coders. Most likely both as things are getting worse and worse.
    Far too many characters to list any more.
  • Rune_Relic
    Have been having similar issues for past week.
    UI latency meter is especially bad.
    Rarely 78, sometimes 200-300, normally 500-700 and quite often +999
    Latency is all over the place at the moment.

    Any 'e' button, or combat is met with 1 second (at best) delays between everything at +999 times.

    Game has also started a very nasty habit of switching to desktop all by itself (alt+tab effect).
    I keep trying to catch what is kicking it off but by the time the busy pointer is gone its too late.

    Had more regular ESO freezes too where the game is stuck..but the music plays on.
    Only thing you can do is kill the game with fire....endtask.

    I really don't think they build any resilience into their server farm.
    It probably works 100% performance wise when restarted but drops off rapidly when not restarted.
    So they even need more hardware to carry them through degrading extended periods or more efficient code that doesn't degrade over time so badly.
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    Anything that can be exploited will be exploited
  • JbSmooth
    im having the same issues... they seems to think its ok to let it go on this long since the IC is right around the corner

    but its bs only get to play 2 days a week and this is just *** I can barely do my undaunted dailies....

    I don't give 2 *** if IC is around the corner they need to do a sever restart or what ever is need to fix this crap now

    why the hell have I been supporting this game since beta its always something games stays breaking down

    either in pvp with lag-- exploiters"that they ever do anything about"-- fps issues ... sigh *** a man .. if nothing else at least do maint wth man u guys suck
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