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Hircine's Bounty

This skill was already mediocre with a steep cost, but now it's an almost non-existent heal with a steep cost. Using up 1/2 to 1/3 of my mana for a heal that only gives me about 2/10 of my hp back is a joke(you'll usually lose what you just gained a split sec after). Something NEEDS to be changed here.

If we are to keep the cost, then make it a percentage based heal instead of a flat number. So, essentially a green dragon blood for Werewolves. Upping the self healing ability of this expensive ult wouldn't be game breaking in the slightest. Magicka builds are not transforming into Werewolves competitively.. There are far better options at a much cheaper cost.

Also, Hircine's Fortitude is a terrible morph. The HoT has always been negligible at best, be it PvP or PvE, so it's even worst than that now in PvP.
King of Beasts

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