DK tank question

I have a level 16 DK that uses the class abilities a lot, which use magicka as a resource. I had the idea of trying to convert him into a tank since my guild needs more tanks--should I focus all my attribute points into health then, or should I be putting some into magicka as well for the class abilities? The idea I had was to convert him to all heavy armor and make him either a weapon and shield or 2-handed for secondary weapon. Any thoughts on how I should reset the attribute points?
  • zornyan
    I'd just go full health, maybe 10 into magika but even my stam build can cast shield and green blood for health regen multiple times without worry.
  • Pompeyfluff
    Im a DK tank and and pretty much 50/50 health/magicka.

    5 pieces heavy, one light, medium works well - swords and shield always.
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