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Maps don't load and "Requesting character load..."

Soul Shriven
Hi, well I'm here because I have two problems with my TESO. When I try to move to some place, sometimes, maps don't load and the game send me to the login screen. It's frustraring, because I can't complete missions, or simply, play normally. And, the other problem is the "Requesting character load..." Many people have this problem and Zenimax don't fix....

Well, best explication, a video:

Finally, mi report.txt
PD: Sorry for my english.
Edited by Kanoff02 on July 27, 2015 6:12AM
  • MagnusArmstrong
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Kanoff, I've been having this problem since I bought the game, basically couldn't play it (still can't without the help of a 3rd party application). I could log into the game about once every 20 or 30 times because of the requesting character load, only to be kicked out to main menu whenever I hit a load screen. I tried countless solutions and support only gave me copy-pasted solutions that I had even stated I did on the ticket itself. Out of sheer desperation, I tried something that should be clearly a scam, but the moment I started battleping, I could log into the game almost instantly. It doesn't make any sense, but it worked for me. It doesn't help with long loading screens, but instead of main menu, you get to enter the next zone! Don't try it just because I said so, do some research and find out if this or wtfast are what you're looking for (they have free trials).

    My ticket is still open because I can't even get into the game without this, but besides abandoning the game, this is the best solution I could find. Good luck!
  • Kanoff02
    Soul Shriven
    MagnusArmstrong, me too. My first ticket was copy-paste and second without answer.
    For this reason I'm here in the forum.
    And my principal problem is in the second video. no "Requesting character load" infinity.
    Edited by Kanoff02 on July 27, 2015 8:05PM
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