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Some help with the launcher.

I've been playing ESO since the beta, so my launcher is basically the same,i havent re-installed and i think thats ESO weights about 80gb. when i should be arround 40.

So i decided to re install this morning to clean up and make it cleaner i guess, but now the launcher is bugged i think becouse is downloading incredible slow, i have no limits on the download speed and when i pause, and then play again, the download starts all over again, not even a bit faster.

Well, that was just the begining of the problem, becouse after a lot of trying and restarting, this happened:


I really want to play, and i hope somebody help me and show me the way :smile: . My english is not native, so yeah, sorry for my bad english.
  • nagg70eb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I was having this problem just this minute and decided to come look for a solution. Trying to Repair gave me the same error. And after just flat out refusing to reinstall the damn thing I just decided to wing it and run the launcher as administrator and whaddya know?! It works. So, try that :smile:
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