The Malformed Fortune -(All-Purposes Thieves Guild)-All interested, Welcome! PS4 NA Servers

Hello, fellow thieves, rogues, and of the like! I am Devo3(PSN: D-E-V-o_3), Guild leader of the Malformed Fortune; a guild that seeks and strives equally in great fortune and power. This is a guild where in-game criminals of all kinds gather and together; thrive in great fortune and power, bringing each other up using our talents in our crafts, combat style, etc. We also are a guild that greatly supports freakish abilities; meaning we embrace in the idea freely taking/giving bites from other members with Vampirism and Lycanthropy (No cost! :) Everyone should be able to grasp the opportunity of being able to have these in-game freakish gifts without having another player trying to empty your coin purse!)

(NOTE: This is a guild open to ANY race, ANY alliance. In the guild, we are a family. Political differences are put aside on guild terms.)

Like any other guild, we also do the following:

-(NEW!) Raffles, Contests

In truth, there is no bounds to what in-game activities we do here in the guild; the system in our guild activity-wise is quite relaxed. However, there is some organizational system that we follow, when going into the subject of Guild roles/ranks.

Below is a list of the Guild Ranks in which we rank players in the Guild. Each rank is labeled in bolded lettering, and below each rank is a brief explanation on how to move up from that rank and what the rank's general purpose/what it stands for.

From the Top to the Bottom lists the ranks in order from lesser ranks to the greatest:

-This is the rank you first recieve when you are starting as a member in the guild. It indicates to all members of the guild that you are starting out in the guilds ranks as a mere, sweet roll snatcher.
-To rank up from this rank, you at one time had to contribute 1,000 gold to the guild bank, but due to recent changes in the system, it's now 500. I know, it sounds obsurd to pay to rank up; but here is why that is:

By doing this, it shows myself and others in the guild that you can fairly contribute to the guild which in the long-run aspect of things, will greatly benefit the guild entirely. This helps in the making of a guild heraldry, purchase of a guild trader, and for other reasons neccesary for the over-all benefit to the guild. You got to lose money; to make money, as they say.

(Even I have contributed my own gold; regardless of my rank, I follow the same rules as everyone else does in the guild, so I, too, equally contribute to the guild as you kindly do.)

-When you rank up from this rank in the guild, you are then gifted the opportunity to choose a 'Job Rank', which is further explained below:

[The following ranks: (Costumier, Mess Sergeant, Plunderer, & Merchant) are what I call them in the Guild 'Job Ranks' that share the same permissions with one another, but play differint roles.]


-Those who take up this rank are not known for being particularly skilled in any craft; but what they lack in such skills possibly, they make up for that by using their ledgerman talents by plundering through pickpocketing, pilfering, dungeon-raiding, and of the like. They are able to contribute to the guild by using their ledgerman skills by not only giving portions of their gold profit, they may come across special items others may find, and they can either gift it to them; or set a price tag on it in the guild store. Those who consider themselves anything related to 'treasure hunters', this is the job rank for you!
-To rank up from the job ranks, do the following:
•Do considerably well in PVP, and speak to the guild leader/officer to see your rank being changed to a PVP specialized rank
•To become an officer, read the ranks description to reach that rank
•To simply change your job rank, speak to a guild leader/officer to see your rank changed

Mess Sergeant

-Those who take up this rank are well known for their crafts in either or both of the following: Provisioning & Alchemy. They are the sort that if anyone in the guild simply needs a few potions made or need to stock in provisions, they can gift that to the guild members requesting it, or slap a price tag on it; however they run their buisness style is to their own as to any other rank. With a porton of their profits, they can also contribute to the guild willingly from what they scrounged up by selling their latest consumable crafts. If you consider yourself a fine Chef or Potion Brewer, this is the job rank of you!
-To rank up from the job ranks, do the following:
•Do considerably well in PVP, and speak to the guild leader/officer to see your rank being changed to a PVP specialized rank
•To become an officer, read the ranks description to reach that rank
•To simply change your job rank, speak to a guild leader/officer to see your rank changed


-Those who take up this rank are well known by the guild for being skilled in any or all of the following crafts: Blacksmithing, Wood Working, Enchanting, etc. They are the sort that if anyone is looking for a particular type of armor, or need their current armor given some fine tuning of enchantments or of the like; the guild knows they can be depended on to do that sort of thing if it were needed. With a portion of their profits, they can also contribute to the guild willingly from what they have sold of their works. If you consider yourself a fine weapon/armor smith, or anything of the like; this is the job rank for you!
-To rank up from the job ranks, do the following:
•Do considerably well in PVP, and speak to the guild leader/officer to see your rank being changed to a PVP specialized rank
•To become an officer, read the ranks description to reach that rank
•To simply change your job rank, speak to a guild leader/officer to see your rank changed


-Those who take up this rank are not very well known for any particular craft; but what they possibly lack in such skill they make up for being the guilds greatest traders, barterers, etc. If you are looking into selling into some of your latest works in your craft, see to a Merchant selling those items for you to players beyond the guild and have them give a portion of what they profit from your items back to you! Between you and the guild merchant, you both will likely profit well so long as each part of the trading system is contributing. If you consider yourself a decent barterer or trader of sorts; this is the job rank for you!
-To rank up from the job ranks, do the following:
•Do considerably well in PVP, and speak to the guild leader/officer to see your rank being changed to a PVP specialized rank
•To become an officer, read the ranks description to reach that rank
•To simply change your job rank, speak to a guild leader/officer to see your rank changed

That concludes the following 4 basic Job Ranks. Now there are two extra job ranks that are "PVP specified", if you will. Read further on to see what each one is about:

*(Know that when taking on a job rank, you are NOT by any means limited to doing only what the description states. Of course, you are allowed to dungeon raid like a Plunderer does even if your a Mess Sergeant. Some members in the past confused that they had to limit their play style and what they could provide and participate in in-game, because of their job rank. I want to clarify that is simply FALSE. Do as you like, of course! You payed $60.00+ dollars or more even for the game, don't limit yourself when you are more than capable of accomplishing and contributing many great things not only for the guild, but for yourself also. These Job Ranks are simply ranks giving others in the guild an idea of your general playstyle and what you can offer and provide to the guild. If further clarification is needed; simply ask.)


-Those who take up this PVP rank are well known for; well, doing considerably proficent in PVP. They play as the sort of 'scout' role in PVP, doing mostly the scout-like missions in PVP and warning others on the battlefield of incoming enemy troops and seeking out the weak points to strike and takeing control of the situation. For what they may lack in brute strength, they make up for intelligence in using battle tactics and keeping everyone informed of what's to be done in a certain situation. If your PVP play style is similar to this in some way, consider trying to rank up in this PVP rank! (Healer; similar support build builds recommended.)


-Those who take up this PVP rank are well known for; well, doing considerably proficent in PVP. They play as the 'brute' soldier on the battlefield, doing mostly the missions that require conquoring and taking over a specified location. For what they may possibly lack in battle-tactic intelligence, they have the ability to be able to play a role in another who may be more battle-tacticly intelligent. Per sae if someone had a strategic plan layed out, but they are lacking in the specific numbers of tank or damage-dealing numbers, you could be of great use providing that strength to see a battle tactic plan through! If this is similar to your play style in PVP in some way, consider trying to rank up I'm this PVP rank! (Tank/DPS build recommended.)

*(The only difference between the 2 PVP specified job ranks compared to the basic job ranks is that PVP ranked players in the Guild may claim/release alliance resources. Those who take either PVP rank indicate to other players you can be depended on to pull through in some way in a PVP situation.)

Now, it takes alot to reach officer rank. Which is the rank: F.R.E.A.K. . To become this rank in the guild; the following must be done (refer to the F.R.E.A.K. rank description on how to reach this rank):


-Friendly: To be a part of this rank in the guild, you have to be VERY friendly to all in the guild, regardless. Not every member of the guild is going to be the best of buddies, let's all remind ourselves. However, when dealing with guild conflicts between guild members, you have to deal them all in a kind and friendly manner. To be an officer of the guild is to end/resolve conflicts in the guild, not to become a part of what makes up the guilds conflicts.

-Rogue-like: This Guild was mainly founded on by rouge like intentions, so to earn such a position in the guild; you must be quite the advanced rouge character to be able to take on this role. After all, what kind officer are you in a thieves guild if you haven't the talent or the will to be able to perform such acts professionally? Using your rougish skill & wit to contribute to the greater good for your guild; it's only most neccesary you have such qualities.

-Entitled: You have to be willing to be entitled to this position; that every wrong you make in this position, you own up to; and try not to cover the evidence and merely lie of what uve done. You can't be a suitable officer if you do wrongly to others; especially to myself and others in the guild. The officer in the guild is to help and support others; and not admitting the wrongs uve done to the guild will only put your own two feet in the grave in my guild ranks. An officer in this guild is entitled to the permissions they have for respective used. Each officer is entitled to the great well-deserved power, so long as every wrong if any performed is righted in some way. Only the honest of officers are entitled such power in the guild, so long as he/she does his rightful part in the guild which is to help and serve the people in the guild. False behavior will not be tolerated to great extents. You are entitled to your powers, as well as entitled to lose them should you fail to cooperate and use them correctly.

-Active: To be a part of this rank in the guild, you have to be active. We need officers who are able to be watchful of what takes place in the Guild. If something goes a ray, The 9 forbid, we need the officer to be able to quickly put an end to the problem when it is found to prevent the issue from growing over time and causing great tension amongst the entire guild. Also if anyone should need your aid, such as guild member rank changes or something of the like, it would be preferred that you could provide that assistance whenever needed in the best way you can. Being active also means contributing and giving this Guild a great many things; such as your time, interest, profits, etc. Being active doesint mean you must be on 24/7, but rather you are on quite often for some bit of time doing all that was stated if not relating to.

-Kindred: To take on this rank, you have to be of freakish kindred. One of the other main intentions of how this Guild was founded on was by embracing the power of freakish abilities such as Lycanthropy and Vampirism. In other words; you have to also become a monster freak like others in the guild; and share this freakish gift with others in/beyond the guild freely; no charge. It's only natural in this guild, to become one of the unatural.

*As you may realize, the guild officer is a VERY important role in the Guild. Such great rules are enforced on the officer rule for when I'm absent for great periods of time, I want someone to be able to keep running the guild for the greater good it deserves, as I would. I would not wish for the Guild to be in turmoil because one individual knows not on how to use the permissions for their proper use. If you think you have such capabilities, do feel free to strive for this guild rank, please! It's always welcome to responsible guild players like any other rank so long as they have the will to follow such instructions and perform proper use of the ranks permissions intended.

Now, most Guilds may not have this but I have created a small piece of lore for our guild to live by for role playing purposes. Because; why not! We are playing an MMORPG people! Let's spice things up.

It's nothing to grand, but consider giving it a quick read:


*Spoken from my character; Daro'jhin, a Khajit

"Ever sense I was a mere kitten, I've always had a bad habit of taking things that weren't neccesary mine; but what should have been mine. I lacked what most had; family, fortune, power *sigh* and love... for the longest time I was without with such things. I have taken the life of my mother, not by intention though. It was the moment of my very existance that caused her passing, and my father to hate me for it, I assume. My mother was the only reason why he'd have any hope of living through the harsh times that was the great plague of Elsweyr that nearly consumed my race. Ever sense the day of her death, all I've ever know of my father was that he'd go to the tavern quite often, and only on occasion would he come home and I had to deal with his drunken ramblings and fits, until when I was of age 8, had the Plague finally caught up to him and ended his life. Before that event happened, I simply took care of the house, and *ahem* 'borrowed' a few things from the market time and time again for our meals. I'd try to haul more than what I could carry, bite more than what I could ever chew; in the hopes that I'd be able to earn my father's love and respect for what I had done to mother. But alas, it seemed I was too late; I had let him down, by lacking the care to provide to him before death had taken him.
A month after I was in the worst condition; The plague, too, was catching up to me. Also, over the loss of my father, reminding the loss of mother, had grown all to unsettling for me. I questioned as I layed in the same bed my parents had died on; was this my fate? Am I to die here, in punishment of bringing and failing to prevent the death of my parents? It seemed that way for some few days; until a 9 divine miracle happened and soldiers from the Aldmeri Dominion had came to Elseweyr; they had helped treat many of the sick and dying that lied in the streets of my home village. One particular soldier, Ae'line Aubengur, had taken me back to Auridon at her parents house and she had nursed me back to health. I couldint had been any more thankful of the divines. For once in my life, I felt I had a family; a home. It at first was a conflicting and confusing feeling, but I finally had found what love truly was; in all of the literal senses! The only thing that I didint like much growing up in Auridon was that being differint seemed looked down apon for sometime. When I discovered that at age 12, I had control of the draconic blood flowing through my veins, and the ability to shapeshift into a pup; people would refuse to be anywhere 50 feet of me. Later growing up it became a urking reminder of my former life in my home village in Elseweyr; so I one day decided to run away, and met others my age who ironically; grew up from differing alliance groups! Soon when we had grown up, we had formed the thieves guild that is known by many today as the Malformed Fortune!
The Malformed Fortune became a guild I had formed with friends from my youth and later expanded to many other members interested in a thieving freak family. We became a guild that welcomed all races, differences, criminals, etc. Now, the guild today is known to be a family of thieving freaks who are bound by no alliance or political judgement when it comes to guild buisness. Those whom are rejected from society for differences or bad habits are welcomed in this guild to have a fresh new start with a family of like-minded criminal freaks. A guild that will hopefully expand for generations to come. Taking from the rich, greedy and mighty, and gifting it to the poor, needy and frail."

*Possible to change: but for now there is a little insight on my characters back story and a little role-playing lore on how the guild came to be.

So that would conclude the guild recruitment intro forum post (Hope that wasint to overwhelming. :p ). If you are interested, do comment below on the following:

-(optional) What you can provide for the guild

Also what do you like/dislike about the guild system? Please do let me know in the comments below; But please, keep it respectful.
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  • Kurimugann
    -Admeri Dominion (mainly)
    -Honestly all I can provide is french to english and english to french translations...I do not mind going back to earlier maps to help when it is possible and wherever my character goes, so does her Daedric summons (you get 3 party members, sometimes 4 with the ultimate for cost of 1 XD)

  • Daonna
    - AD (Main char so far anyways)
    - SweaterMonster
    - Laughter, happiness, and assassinations.
  • Sheik
    Soul Shriven
    -Keen fighter wherever necessary
  • slipperytiger
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance: Yijuni Aldmeri Dominion, Mohar Ebonheart Pact
    PSN: PrionFiction
    I can provide a comedic atmosphere
  • rgford80
    Soul Shriven
    I'm new to the game, but have played many mmos on pc. I'm easy going
  • tough541
    LF EP trade guild ...plz tough059
  • Kaladinn
    -Templar healer who enjoys group hunts, questing, and pvp.

    As for your guild system I enjoy the creativity behind the guild, the ranks, and a group of WW or vamp freaks.
  • JG11Bravo
    Soul Shriven
    I'm in. Looking for a good guild and a vampire bite if I can get it.

    PSN: JG11Bravo
    Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
    Value as a human being: Crafter, healer, dungeon crawler, PVP, been playing since Beta on PC.
  • Superghandi88
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: Superghandi88
    Alliance: Daggerfall
    Dungeon grinding, crafting as blacksmith and woodworker primarily.
  • LaboonDreams
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    PSN: LaboonDreams
    Dungeon-grinding, low lvl Provisioning (working on leveling it up).
  • aedha
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
    PSN: Ekhidnar
    Quick Fingers, Good Attitude, and Willing to Run Any Dungeon
  • Itchyness
    Alliance: AD
    Psn: itchyness
    Pvp enthusiast. But I like to roam and gather mats to sell. And yes, I'm a Khajit that is quite itchy.
    Also have vr2 templar and vr2 dk. Trying to make my nb main though, at 34 atm.
    Edited by Itchyness on July 31, 2015 3:05PM
  • xMabusx
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance :AD
    PSN: xMabusx
    Veteran Nightblade DPS

    Extremely Active, Max Provisioning,High Alchemy, PvP, PvE, Dungeon running as much as possible at any lvl
  • Alrizzuto
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance : Daggerfall
    PSN: AlRIzzo
    Eso : Light Wall (imperial spear throwing"wanna be vampire" tanky noob)
    currently low since i started but i am on every day since i bought 3 weeks ago and i cant get enough of it if u are ok with a low lvl message plz XD
  • Jmeb1980
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    PSN: Jmeb80
    Dungeoning, PvP, PvE, Battlemage (well working on it)
    Willing to put in the time to support the guild.
  • pyrometheus
    Alliance- dominion
    Psn- PyromethesDrakco
    - friendly player who's adept at finding reagents, lock picking, and many other things as well as willing to do pvp, dungeons and assist anyone who needs help.
  • Fr2_55
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I'm interested in the Guild n I will contribute in everything
    PS4 I'D Fr2_55
    Alliance AD
    I'm looking to become a great woodworking love it hope I get some tips from a guild expert
  • Zomdugga22
    I'm interested
    Psn Zomdugga22
    Alliance ad
  • ultimageneration
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested
    Psn: Ultimageneration
    I have a lvl 20 dark elf dragon knight part of the dagger fall covenant
    And I am looking to become a good black smith to help support the guild.
  • Bl4nk_D1ce
    I'm interested.
    PSN: Bl4nk_D1ce
    I can offer at least 50+ crafting and provisioning materials per day, just don't ask me where i get them. I'm also an apprentice clothier.
  • DeadParrot
    Soul Shriven


    Lvl 47 KB. Lvl 50 Provisioning. I am looking for a guild I can trade my skills with at fair prices mainly with provisions at the moment. I like the dungeon runs and PvP also - though I need to improve my PvP skill set.
  • methdealerb14a_ESO
    Is this an RP Guild?
  • buddahburda
    Eso name - buddahman
    Psn name - buddahburda

    Have the 1k gold to contribute up front for rank up.
    Proficient with farming, provisioning, and currently building other skills.
    Looking for the add so I can help people out.

    Once I'm a member, other members feel free to a add me as a friend and to message me in game for any items you need to fulfill provisioning writs. I have almost every recipe I've heard of for those and I'm constantly finding and buying more.
  • natron92
    Soul Shriven
    Alliance: AD
    PSN: thenatron92
    What I can provide: My character Aljira was built from the ground up to be a part thief/ part assassin. I'm constantly stealing items to sell and can provide the guild with both items and gold from my various thefts. I can also switch between ranged DPS and up close tank roles on the fly.
  • ConnorJS
    PSN: ConnorJS
    Soul Shriven
    I am very interested in possibly joining this guild. Looks very promising for a first time step into eso on ps4 my psn is GRAFFxDGAF
  • Devo3
    I believe looking at the requests, there has been some confusion with the gold deposit for the task of the Beggar; the cost is of 500 gold to excel in the guild to a job rank of your choice.

    This guild deposit helps build up the guilds funds for the overall benefit of the guild, for reasons only most neccesary!

    Also forgive us for the wait in taking in these requests, I am currently having some officers in training taking up requests when they have the time. I'll do my best to have your requests sent to you the moment I'm able! (NOTE: None in this forum are being ignored! You should recieve a PSN message from me personally or an officer regarding your requests, never do I usually reply back on the forums.)

    We currently have 35+! Bear with us as we continue to increase our numbers so we can obtain the guild store and be able to purchase the heraldry!

    Thank you for your patience with us. Know that whomever you may be, whether your a new, experienced, AD, EP, DC, LGBT+, Male, Female, etc. Regardless of who you are and what youve experienced thus far, we'd be truthfully honored to have you. At the end of the day, we're a family in this guild; and one of our main goals I'm this guild, is to.keep rolling in the dough!

    PSN: D-E-V-o_3
  • shikako
    Alliance: AD for main (crafter is in EP)
    PSN: shikako211
    I love looting/long term "borrowing", making stuff, sharing and helping. Max provisioning and working on alchemy. This sounds fun! :) When I bought ESO I was so sad to find out that it didn't include a Thieves Guild like Skyrim.
  • Silmarril
    Alliance: Aldmeri
    PSN: OromAlt0235
    Been saving up a lot of blue items because they're too good to go to NPC's.
  • CupcakePaparazzi
    Aldmeri Dominion
    PSN: JackieDBones

    I've been looking for a guild that embraces vampirism and MIGHT have bites available. Either way, I love the sound of your guild. Please send me an invite. :)
    Aldmeri Dominion. PSN: JackieDBones
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