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My PvP campains changed

Both my home and guest campains changed without my knowledge. I had previously choosen Azura's Star as my home campain and had been playing there. I don't recall what my guest campain was but that is not important. Now my home campain is set to Versidue-Shae which is a non-vet campain and has a low population. Azura's Star is now set to my guest campain. This has happened within the last week.

I want my home campain to be Azura's Star which is what I originally choose when I reached lvl 10. It is the only campain I play on. In order for me to change it back it will cost me 15000 Alliance Points which I feel is unfair since I never changed the campains.

No one has access to my PS4 or my ESO account and I did not make this change.

I tried to submit a support ticket in game last night when I noticed but got an error message saying to try again later.
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