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Login Failed Errors, no help, what do i do!?

Soul Shriven
I've been getting Login Failed errors since launch day. Haven't been able to create a character or even connect to a server.
I submitted a ticket yesterday, but to no reply.

Is there any reliable work around? I'm trying to connect to NA, but also can't connect to the EU server so that workaround is out.
  • LuminaLilly
    According to the information on the home page, they are investigating this issue where Certain players can't login at all.
    Firerock2 wrote: »
    The solution is simple; delete the Nightblade class and do not reimburse the people who play them.
  • brianlk
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the heads up. I've been trying to keep up with the updates, but I guess I missed that one.
    I'll just give up for now.
  • SirPope
    Try ye old sever swap. Watch out for vanishing quest marks tho
    Sir Pope
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