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[EP] Order of Stendarr - Active/Mic ONLY - LF heals + DPS 4 PvP


Welcome to the Order of Stendarr!!

We are currently looking for any players of VR level. We run both silver and gold Undaunted pledges DAILY. Currently in need of a DPS and HEALERS for both Guild Cyrodiil runs and upcoming PvE group (when roster is complete = Trials) content.

We currently run guild Cyro multiple groups per week. With more players, this will become nightly.

If you have a mic and love to level up/raid/and PvP with a great guild, then look no further. At this time, we are ONLY accepting VR ranked players. IF you join then want to start a new character that is fine as well.

Please be passionate enough about this game to have a basic understanding about your class and its various builds...and understand that this is a EP only guild.

We are currently looking for players with MMO experience. We want the players that know what a raiding schedule is. We want the players that know what it takes to dedicate yourself a few nights a week to pwning noobs in PvP. We want the players that strive to constantly make themselves and the players around them better.

If you want to join, we kindly ask that this guild becomes a focus point of your ESO experience. A lot of us are one guild kind of players, and what is the point of joining if you are not going to chill with us in G chat when we are not running groups together? Learning each others play styles, the way they think, and the overall process of the bonding it takes to have a truly successful guild all starts in the random G chat convos! We kindly ask that all members try to hang out in G chat much as possible. This is where all the information is passed between members. This is where the groups are formed, and the times for our weekly groups are set.

Please don't join and never join guild chat.

How do I apply Pman?
All members can invite. If you are having trouble finding a member, then you can always message me on XBL @ P man rockzilla or the lead Officer @ VOD Interceptor or you can always leave a reply on this thread or pm me here.

Thanks for reading!
Edited by Pman85 on August 5, 2015 5:30PM
Guildmaster - Order of Stendarr [XB1] - Apply today!

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