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error 209

i get error that says "unable to determine current version of the game"
here is what i did:
deleted depot version
deleted video_eu folder
and repaired the game but after that i still receive that error please help.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @parpin !

    Some other troubleshooting steps to try are as follows:

    Remove the ProgramData folder
    • Navigate to the Patcher's install folder (by default located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online \Launcher)
    • Locate and delete the ProgramData folder
    • Restart the launcher
    • The launcher should now display "Creating Download." This is normal as the launcher begins the regeneration process. It can take anywhere between 21-30% before the launcher switches to "Downloading game files"
    • Please be aware that this will end up downloading a lot of data, so it may take some time if you have a slow connection to our servers.

    Repair the launcher as administrator and refresh your host developer files
    • Open the launcher as an administrator by right clicking on the launcher and selecting "Run As Administrator":
    • Run a repair on your launcher and afterwards, close the launcher.
    • Once that is completed, proceed with the following:
    • Locate the launcher folder. The default location is C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher.
    • Make a copy of the launcher folder and rename that copy "Launcher back up"
    • Open the initial/non-copied Launcher folder and delete all "host developers files"that are marked with a number.For Example: host developer1, hostdeveloper2, etc.
    • The only file that should remain in that folder is the host developer file that is not marked with a number and is created the day of the re-install.
    • Close Everything and then Reopen the Launcher.

    If these steps don't help, please be sure to contact our Customer Support team for more direct one-on-one assistance!
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