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If you insist on seige being this strong then..

  • Raizin
    Sanct16 wrote: »
    Dositheus wrote: »
    Heh, dieing to siege still? ***, just move out of the way, or stand in it and hit purge. I can literally sit and take 2 siege shots in a row, just by hitting... purge. It's what I do when I'm too lazy to dodge roll out of the way.
    Well of course a single siege hit while you siege a wall etcfor example wont kill anyone. But you might get sieged while you are fighting and busy with fihting your enemies so you already take damage and have to shield etc so you ant just move out the ed circle that comes up 0.2 seconds before you get hit and is covered by 500 special effects from caltrops, cinder storm and other skills.

    Yea too many people are forgetting about the fact that they a suppose to be fighting against other players as well as dodge the siege. Yea its always fun when you are in the middle of 10 players fighting for your life and bam a 17k hit from siege that you never saw because of all the spam circles or lag. Also its not like we have 100 skills on a skill bar we only have 5 and you are suggesting that we waste 1 of those skills just to deal with siege.

    massive battles man, zos advertised!

    solution to purge: remove it from the game.
    Edited by Raizin on June 14, 2015 10:20AM
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  • filmoretub17_ESO
    Olivierko wrote: »
    To be fair people were actually ignoring incoming siege damage prior to change.

    The current state of siege damage might not be optimal but it sure as hell is better than how it used to be.

    You cannot ignore 5k hits and people were not ignoring them prior to the change. I know there are ways around it but it requires you to build your character to stop it. If you wear that armor that does less siege damage you will die in pvp because that armor sucks. But now people have to pay more attention to siege then other players out in the field. Glad to see how everyone has a solution but I tell you I run with one of the best guilds in the game and we don't stand in siege. So blobs cant just stand in siege and tank the damage like everyone is thinking. You don't see any organized guilds grouping up outside of the breach in the line of siege.
  • BossTuggles
    Everyday I see "Organized Groups" (Such an arrogant name for what these really are) Standing in Siege just spamming purge and healing springs. *** at least 10 times last night I have seen this. Being in one of the "Best Guilds" you had of seen these other "Non-Best Guilds" standing in these circles a ton. I agree with whoever said AOE Cap removal killed any shot at this game being god tier in terms of PvP.

    1) Remove AoE Caps.
    2) If you don't remove AoE Caps. Then Cap the Defensive AoE's as well ( Barrier/ Purge / etc.)
    3) Dynamic Ult gain should be brought back - See people this allows those smaller groups to compete with the Larger Groups.
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  • RedTalon
    Olivierko wrote: »
    To be fair people were actually ignoring incoming siege damage prior to change.

    The current state of siege damage might not be optimal but it sure as hell is better than how it used to be.

    Thats true before this change, you could just stand on the walls using bows or staffs without worrying about getting hit by siege and using those weapons against other players where the idea choice for defending keeps

    Often would do that to have people waste siege trying to kill me if they didn't know better
    Edited by RedTalon on June 14, 2015 4:01PM
  • Cathexis
    They should just make siege bubbles awesome.
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  • SturgeHammer
    WebBull wrote: »
    If you struggle with Siege, consider.......

    Bastion of the Heartland Set

    (2 items) Adds 129 Max Health
    (3 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
    (4 items) Reduce damage taken from players by 5%
    (5 items) Reduce damage taken from siege weapons and player AoE spells by 20%

    This right here. I love my set. With 43k+ health and this set, I bathe in siege fire. It burns away all of your luscious tears... Moar QQ. :smile:

    @Siliconhobbit_ESO Do you know if the Heartland 5 piece bonus applies to magicka and stamina based aoes? If this mitigates steel tornado I will definitely pick this set up. I have a NB tank that has really steady heals and can tank very well while above execute range, but without a burst heal two enemies using steel tornado can really hurt.
    Edited by SturgeHammer on June 15, 2015 6:22PM
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