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As if I didn't have enough to complain about... (Error 200 (7:4:409:597)... WTF?

I was just playing 7 hours ago! WTF is going on now? I can not play better than 13 FPS, and latency is maxed (red), and now this is the new 'thing' I have to deal with?

OK, let's hear the steps I need to take to get this fixed... Thanks in advance....
  • 1ne2woBe
    I can now log in. I suppose it was a server problem... maybe? Not that this excludes all my other problems with crashes and poor FPS (averaging 13 FPS). However, I'll have to deal with the other problems one at a time... until ZOS tells me "Your computer is not capable of playing the game that you paid for last year anymore. Please spend the money to upgrade in order to play as you wish".
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @1ne2woBe,

    Error 200 generally implies a connectivity issue, which is difficult to troubleshoot without additional information. If you continue to experience connections issues, your best bet is to contact customer support with a game consultant file attached. Once they have that information, they'll be able to take a look at any connectivity issues that you're experiencing and assist you from there.

    FPS issues can have a wide variation of causes as well. If you have any add ons running, please first give a shot to disabling them and reloading the UI to see if your performance improves. You may also want to give a shot to lowering your visual settings by one preset to see if your performance improves. If not, the game consultant also contains information about your hardware and drivers, which will help customer support diagnose the issue and send more in-depth troubleshooting. Thanks for your patience!
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