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Jewelry Crafting - Still Waiting and Hoping!

Ok, I get it. Being able to craft jewelry sets can make some insane OP combos with dropped sets (or even with other crafted sets). It can even affect the incentive for players to do Pledges and farm group delves. It can even affect the game economy in terms selling and trading drops. If ZoS needs to adjust the set bonuses on dropped and crafted sets and the drop rates then so be it, I just want to be able to craft jewelry sets! (Yes, that might be a little selfish).

I've been periodically checking the forums every other month since I joined ESO in June 2014 and there is always another player starting a discussion thread for Jewelry Crafting. Many players have been waiting and pining for it since Beta.

ZoS please respond if there is a projected update to this. In the meantime I will post/ start a Jewelry Crafting discussion thread monthly (or maybe every 2 weeks?) to keep the fire alive! I'll be hitting the Crafting, General Discussion, Developer Discussion, and the Combat and Character Mechanics sections.

ESO is an awesome game and I love crafting. If enough voices keep hitting this topic, maybe we can finally get it pushed into existence. THERE IS STILL HOPE AFTER A 1 YEAR!
  • Keepercraft
    We all waiting.....
    Still waiting for Sithis.
  • Robbmrp
    And waiting......
    NA Server - Kildair
  • vovus69
    I don't think crafting jewerly will give you OP set. They nerfed the most reasonable glyphs by factor of 2 or 3 wrt 1.5, so now there is no problem to craft jewerly as far as I can tell.
    "If I'll need your opinion, I'll give one to you" - Rivenspire
  • treborrealb14_ESO
    waiting and waiting ....but the pot never boils??
    Yes need this soon please :smiley:
  • Lorkhan
    waiting +1
  • Robbmrp
    Waiting + Infinity..... I win.... or wait.... we still can't craft jewelry.....DOH!
    NA Server - Kildair
  • Tarukmockto
    Wait! Wait! . . . . I must have dozed off while waiting. We're still waiting for something right? Oh yeah, got it. Just checked waiting list, still waiting.
    NA - DC - DK - PC
  • Athas24
    :'( I'm still hopeful that it will happen... one day. ... maybe?
    ...OverTwerked & Underpaid.
    Rajaat04 in game @Athas24 on forums
  • duncan_cougarpreeb18_ESO
    would be nice, especially as that would stop forcing you to dish out insane amounts to bots and pro-farmers to get the missing piece(s) for jewelry

    Well looks like ZOS still wants gold traders and bots in the game, or they would have done something about this by now
  • Robbmrp
    And still waiting and hoping.....
    NA Server - Kildair
  • UrQuan
    I'd be OK with having jewelry crafting without being able to craft any jewelry set pieces. At least then I'd be able to get the exact level and base enchantment I want, and I'd be able to upgrade my jewelry to purple or gold if I wanted.
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  • Jofish
    One of the funniest things is that they have achievements for wearing all items of the same color; but i'm not gonna dress down my character because he hasn't got the achieve just 'cuz it's supposed to be something special; what a concept; only a mad tyrant would come up with that.
  • Fyrakin
    This kind of topic will never die :). The question was floating around since beta.
    As much as I would like them to be craftable, there will be problems associated with it, like:
    • How to deal with traits-research, if there are only 3 traits (health/magicka/stamina) in comparison to other crafts.
    • How to deal with item be improvement ability? That could devaluate some rare loot from group content.
    • Which craft specialisation should be doing this? There is not enough to do for a separate.
    • How to ease complaints from both sides?
    I know, I would love to be able to craft and improve jewelry, but honestly I think this could bring more problems than solutions.
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  • Jofish
    Well, I have a mule that would love to do jewelry crafting... devaluating from dropped items by crafting was never supposed to be a part of this game, otherwise the crafters union will stage a walkout... quickly.
  • Jofish
    For instance... "There may be drops from mobs that will be better suited for some players, but they will rely on crafters to improve them"... I think these guys all work for the government...
  • D382H
    I think Jewelry crafting should be separate and trainable by a merchant.
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  • Jazzius
    Just another player wishing for jewelry crafting. At least we know we'll have spellcrafting in the future though (:
  • R0M2K
    Waiting too.

    Ps: Alchemy Revamp? Snake Blood?
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