Looking for endgame opinions on my "traditional" 2HD Heavy Armor DK Warrior Rotation

I am not going for super dooper higher powerful spec. I am going for FUN and VIABLE AT ENDGAME spec (specifically have my eyes on arena). I am level 40. The objective of this post is to determine is this spec if viable at 40 according to other people's opinions, or how I can improve it. I am aiming for a "traditional yet viable" 2H Heavy Armor Warrior with CC (I have 2 - 1 target CC's and one group CC).

I have not tried this is PvP. I plan on PvPing a lot, as I always have. I am waiting for 1.6 to hit before I start with PvP because I am using Heavy Armor, and everyone says it needs a buff.

I'm rocking 8/16/14. It's a stam/magicka spec (Burning Embers/Reverse Slice spam basically). My health is fine for about three - three mob pulls (oftentimes more than that, sometimes I can continuously pull without downtime), then sometimes I have to rest a sec to let my bars recharge. It's fine with me. I and going to put the rest of my points into health and magicka so that I can buff myself more often without potting/downtime, I have enough stam to spam reverse slice/block as much as I need about 80% of the time.

My main rotation:
Stampede (into combat after using shattering rocks)
Shattering Rocks (generally used on healer, OR used on melee class/"tanky" mobs while I squish the healer/mage)
Burning Embers (my main damage doer, I spam this (if target is off balance or stunned I do heavy attacks) until target hits about 40% then a...)
Reverse Slice (spam at 40% or less health to finish them off)
Dizzying Swing (used on "excess" mobs as CC to help with 3 or 4 mob kills (to compliment Shattering Rocks))
Ferocious Leap is my ultimate, but I rarely use it compared to my other ultimate.

My secondary rotation is mainly a buff/emergency heals rotation that compliments my first rotation:
Choking Talons (for emergency CC)
Ingeous Weapons (constantly keep this up)
Razor Armor (Buff for bosses and when dying)
Obsidian Shield (same as above, usually use both together)
Dragon Blood (to restore lost health)
Corrosive Armor is my ultimate. I proc this before boss fights and when I am about to die.

Also: A lot of people say that I will need fighters guild/Undaunted (anti-daedric) abilities for Coldharbor. If my spec is as effective as it is now in Coldharbor, I do not care to change my rotation to make things die a little faster... The question though, is if the MAJORITY of the enemies there have fire resistance (I know Daedroths do for example, but that's not a big deal).

Thanks for reading and your opinions!

- Steelhurts aka @Soaren
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