How about some Stamina Recovery to go with your Stamina Recovery (Wood Elf Nightblade Build)

  • ItsRejectz
    @xsorusb14_ESO What's the Potion Major Buff (20%) ?? Is that from any potion, or one in particular?

    Edit.. found it, was being stupid. Currently sitting at 3100k stamina regen. Think I will have it at around 4000k by later today
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  • MTrent24
    Does this still work?
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  • Xsorus
    MTrent24 wrote: »
    Does this still work?

    Ehh; I think they changed the formula on it last no clue
  • susmitds
    It is much lesser now.
  • Toc de Malsvi
    Toc de Malsvi
    As of July you could get it as high as 7.7k but your other stats suffer significantly.
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