Melee Sorcerer build that works nicely :)

Hello everyone!

hope all is well with people.

Just wanted to drop off this build for some thoughts, feedback and reviews on skills while leveling as a melee sorcerer.


Here we go!

Bar 1: Dual Wield
- Lightning Form / Thundering Presence
- Deadric Curse - which ever you prefer to buff your twilight or to trigger faster (I prefer the faster trigger myself)
- Twin slashes / Blood Craze (bleed damage)
- Critical Surge / Power Surge (Weapon crit / damage + more heals)
- Winged Twilight as more healing support
Ultimate: Storm Atronoch / Meteor (which every you don't have yet!)

I would use medium / light armor and still spec for HP on my gear.

2 Medium (Chest and shoulders)
5 light (everything else)
All enchants and attribute stats go to health as well.
  • Sheuib
    I do not think your dps will be very good with this build. Both your stamina pool and magicka pool will be low and they are direct relation to your dps for abilities in each pool. I am pretty sure with 1.6 pets dps will scale off of magicka as well so their dps will be low.

    Your main spamming dps, twin slashes, again is going to be low because of a low stamina pool in addition since you are going with the 5 light it means you stamina regen will be low preventing you from really spamming your one spamming dps ability on the bar.

    Your survivability should be good because you have everything into health with a healing pet.
  • Jar_Ek
    Based on my test, you will have a hard time of it.
    Your damage might be on the lower end of the scale as you are mixing your stats.
    Surge is not likely to keep you alive, esp. not of packs of mobs as the CD makes the healing very random and you have at least two sources of low damage.
    Your twilight will still be squishy without any heals or wards on it.

    However if you are levelling, then I expect you will be able to rejig your build as you go along to make it work. At least I hope so!
  • Stannum
    That's the guide how you should not do melee builds.
    It looks like magika build with stamina weapon and 1 stamina attack skill (not very good for dps).
    If you want to do tanky build you should choose 1h&s but not DW. If you want melee DW dps you should go in at least 5 med and good stamina pool.

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  • TheLaw
    Hah nope.
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