Datamined Imperial City Maps

Again, all the credit goes to @Dominoid! There are ALOT of images here!

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  • Dominoid
    Those aren't mine. Looks like someone did the same thing I did though. I'm still working on the presentation of these with more context. Looks like no sense now. I hadn't even seen that top one.
  • whiteshadow711jppreub18_ESO
    that is awesome.. you guys are awesome to find it..
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  • Tintinabula
    SoulScream wrote: »
    That is really a very large area! I lost interest in it when I read it was PVE. I don't want more PVE in my PVP.

    Its PVE areas that will be held by a certain faction depending on..PvP..I'm assuming the PvP its depending on is PVP that takes place within the city..maybe not.
  • Tintinabula
    This gets me extremely looks very close to the Imp city map from Oblivion and I have always thought that something in ESO that was comparable but open PvP would be amazing. :D
  • LtCrunch
    Joejudas wrote: »
    You guys need to stop this. It's stupid and illegal. I hate ZOS recently but I hope they come after you for this crap.

    Illegal? No. Against the TOS? Very likely.
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  • Tintinabula
    Its also a good sign that they're already client side.
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  • ulrik.igerupb16_ESO
    Interesting. Thanks for the descriptions, Dominoid.
  • starkerealm
    dharbert wrote: »
    SoulScream wrote: »
    I don't want more PVE in my PVP.

    And the rest of us don't want PvP in our PvE, but what do we get? We get skills and sets nerfed across the board because of PvP whines.

    More abilities have been changed for PvE then they have PvP.

    I kind of suspect the real reason Night's Silence + Dark Stalker got nerfed was because it was breaking scripting somewhere.
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  • Sotha_Sil
    My only concern looking at the maps of the IC is that it is unclear if we can go to the White-gold tower or if there will be anything to do there. I really hope we can get within its walls as I would feel kind of robbed not being able to see the Ruby throne...
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  • Dominoid
    Sotha_Sil wrote: »
    My only concern looking at the maps of the IC is that it is unclear if we can go to the White-gold tower or if there will be anything to do there. I really hope we can get within its walls as I would feel kind of robbed not being able to see the Ruby throne...

    Although it was a while ago, they said that White Gold tower would not be accessible in the first release of the IC.
  • RedShirtRob
    Kragorn wrote: »
    ...and if all this stuff is ready and sitting there then why the hel* haven't we had any REAL new content (not just costumes and skill nerfs) for ages?

    This could be put out now and ot kept back for paid-for DLC

    ggrrr.....Mr. Angry Pants
    LOL, just because the MAPS are there doesn't of course mean anything remotely playable exists.

    However, in this case, we KNOW this was nearly ready for release 4-5 months ago, ZOS said so at the time they were just 'polishing' it .. I suspect we can trace the decision to got B2P back to around that time in fact, they didn't release it because they realised they already had their first DLC 'in the can'.

    ZOS really are cynical I guess.

    It's almost as if they were - gasp! - running a business...
  • Enodoc
    Anybody else notice a bit of a problem here?


    Somebody got their rotation angle wrong... :tongue:
    The ESO map needs to be rotated 30 degrees clockwise.
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  • killedbyping
    Why does Imperial sewers look like..... any other sewers i alrdy saw in this game ?

    Oh wait, all what ZOS do is Copy-Paste, sry forgot about that.
  • Cuyler
    This is very interesting :smile:
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  • Keepercraft
    ZOS are hard working about new content. :]
    Edited by Keepercraft on February 24, 2015 1:31PM
    Still waiting for Sithis.
  • Messy1
    I am excited for the Imperial City content.

    Maybe the devs can comment on how the Imperial City will affect PvP in Cyrodil? Will the Imperial City introduce both PvE and PvP material? Is Cyrodil in for a rebalance and performance improvements?

    I really, really, enjoy Cyrodil I enjoy that it mixes PvE and PvP and I know a lot of players are bummed that lag is still such an issue. I run a small PvP guild and many of our players choose not to play in Thornblade because of the lag that takes place there especially at peek play times, but I got involved in this game precisely because of what the PvP concept for Cyrodil was promising. I have not been disappointed by the experience, but I know it can get better. Keep up the good work ZOS team looking forward to what you come up with! I hope Cyrodil continues to be an innovative and creative place and that the Imperial City will introduce some new elements to the struggle for PvP dominance.
  • TehMagnus
    So no new trial? :pensive:
  • HeroOfNone
    Not to give into some of the pvp negativity, but most of this seems like PVE content, not a lot of PVP except maybe during the cut over? I'll be happy to run another dungeon/trial with group mates but I still pine for some battle grounds and more structured pvp.
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