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another Sorc vs DK thread

First of all sorry for my language - English is not my mother tongue.

For past 10 months, or for how long Iam subscribed to this game, I have played mainly Sorc. My only other character is a DK lvl 39. I havent played NB or Temp.
I would like to give you an idea, what I think difference between my class and DK is.

DK : well thought class with plenty of synergies in between class skills
Sorc : a class without certain idea of what is should be about. probably some good intentions which where never taken to the end

updates 1,2....6
DK : listening to comunity, making small nerfs / improvements here and there.
Sorc : also listening to comunity - so nerfing everything other classes complained about

DK developer : a person employed for his skills. Thinking while working and probably a good employee. Loving and playing DK class mainly.

Sorc developer : a person employed for his family relations. If not beeing on holidays then having a sick day. Playing any other class and loving killing a sorc in PvP.

Iam gonna lvl my DK to vet 14 and get some skill points, so I will be prepared for 1.6 when it goes live. Iam sad that I have invested so much time in the class, that is good only for crafting
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