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Elder Dragon - Dragonknight Passive in Draconic Power is bugged

Doesn't work, hasn't worked since May of last year atleast (only post i've seen about it)
  • Glierhuin
    It's about health regen right?.... you sure it's not working? Tried relogging after slotting the abilities? Maybe it's just the UI not updating.
    Also don't rely on Addons :smile:
    I have approximate knowledge of many things.
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @xsorusb14_ESO,

    We're currently investigating an issue where the UI doesn't update when you slot new Draconic Power abilities. You may be able to fix the tooltip using /reloadui, but a relog will do the trick if that doesn't help. Please note that even if the tooltip doesn't update, the bonuses are still being applied.
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  • Xsorus
    Ok so it is increasing though..Long as its increasing I don't really mind the tooltip not increasing...

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