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It's time to remove remaining forward camps from banks/inventories

  • Sacadon
    As you may recall, NA was given no notice of the FC removal and therefore unable to hoard them like EU was. If ZOS had plans to address this they prob would have by now.

    Since they're coming back in the future, no need to take everyone's AP away and instead ZOS should convert existing ones to the new format/function.
    - Gnosis | Decibel
  • Winnamine
    I suggest we remove only the forward camps in Winnamine's inventory and banks that she has access to.

    It seems fair.

    You can have my camps when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers :unamused:
  • miahq
    Winnamine wrote: »
    I'm kinda sick of this attitude, tbh, the constant complaining anytime everything isn't exactly equal needs to end. Someone's a better player? Cry about it on the forums. Someone's build is more viable than yours? Demand it be nerfed on the forums. Don't know how to counter a certain skill or tactic? Obviously needs a nerf too. Didn't store up enough camps before they were taken away? Go on the forums and demand everyone else's get taken away too.

    Although in general I agree the whining needs to stop-- and zos needs to stop placating them so much, taking away the fc but leaving all those that already existed was kind of a dumb move on zos part. I guess they knew they were just going to rethink them and put them back in? But then why remove them in the first place instead of just changing them when they were ready... this company baffles me sometimes.
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