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ESO always needs and access code?

Soul Shriven
Hey well the title explains it all really. Every single time I log in, it asks for an access code. This isn't game breaking or anything, but it can get annoying. Anyone know if its my pc? or a bug?
  • LarsS
    It may be due to your internet connection. If the address changes between sessions, you need a new access code. Search for info on the forum or contact ZOS to solve the problem.
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  • ZOS_PierreL
    Hello all,

    As LarsS said, if the IP address has changed recently, players will need a new code for the computer or device once again to be able to log in. This will occur even if they are using the same machine they have always used.

    If you have the possibility, we would recommend to configure a static IP to avoid any "access code" mesage in the future.

    This can also happen for the website if you recently deleted your caches.
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  • Gyudan
    Static or dynamic IP address is often a choice that is not available to the player or may require additional payment to the Internet Service Provider.

    @ZOS_PierreL‌: I believe that there should be an option to disable that safety feature to prevent situations like @MadSuperHero‌'s. His mailbox must be flooded with mails from @ZOS by now. You may have already discussed this internally and I know that it also leads to safety issues but I strongly believe that the choice should ultimately be the player's.
  • Elf_Boy
    Use to track your ip address and see if it is changing.

    Even dynamic accounts should only change IP if the modem has been power cycled.

    When I was with comcast I had kept a dynamic for over a year at one point.

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  • slinkybinxb14a_ESO
    I paid for my subscription yesterday and here I still sit, unable to play because of the access code. I received one yesterday, entered it at account page, but when I go to start the game, it wants me to enter the one I got hours ago, which doesn't work anymore. Still waiting for new one. I wrote support and phone support yesterday. No answers yet. :(
    Edited by slinkybinxb14a_ESO on December 27, 2014 6:34PM
  • slinkybinxb14a_ESO
    Still waiting on an access code.
  • Deeprave

    Moreover, the modem I am using to connect to the internet has a static IPv4 address, so it can't be a "new" IP address to all previous times.

    I think it is fair to say that something broke. :smile:
  • Aionari
    I have the same problem, my IP address is static and the ESO login still wants a new access code on every login attempt.

    My public IP address has been the same for several years, this is a new behaviour from ESO.
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  • aeowulf
    It's not just the IP it checks, but the computer hardware. A change to some BIOS settings is often enough to trigger it.

    But I seem to remember there is a file too that can trigger it - make sure you are owner & have full permission to your ESO game folder and my docs folder.
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