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Upgrading PC this week....can this run smooth 60fps (nonPVP) at 1080p?

Soul Shriven
Hi all, looking for some confirmation as to whether the following upgrades will help me attain more or less consistent 60fps in general PVE (not Cyrodil, not huge mobs in towns) on High-Ultra settings at 1080p

I just ordered the following components:

Quad core i5 Haswell 4690k @3.5Ghz

XFX R9 270x 2GB GDDR5

New MOBO, ASUS Z97-A ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150

and new high speed RAM for it, Corsair Vegeance 8GB 2133Mhz (dual channel)

I already have a 500W PSU that I am currently using with my old quad core i5 2.66 Ghz and RadeonHD 5750 1GB..... I believe these new components will run off of 500PSU???

I'm holding off on puchasing a new SSD for a couple months, as I would rather buy a massive 960GB one, but I simply can't afford the $300-350 for it with these other components right now....


My goals for ESO are:
General PVE - 55-60fps
Towns/crowds - 40+fps
Cyrodil PVP - 30+ fps solid, no dips below 30fps

all running at 1080p at High-Ultra level settings

Can people with comparable builds let me know if this is feasible???
  • Apokh
    As the R9 270 is nothing different to the HD7870 I can tell you, that I had with a [email protected] and the 7870OC good FPS.
    RawnKha around 30-40. PvE around 40-50. Dungeons always 60 (90 without VSync on). And around 30 in Cyrodiil. With 600 Mhz loss youl will perhaps have to substract around 3-5 FPS. Settings on Ultra except Shadows (high).

    PSU =/ PSU. If you bought a new one. If its a good brand->keep it. In both cases - try.
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  • Reremnu
    Game will never run 60fps smooth all the time, unless by some miracle they'll make changes to the client. You can always expect FPS drops during trials and in some areas.

    Cyrodiil has the same problem. Due to a client (or a server) limitations you should be prepared that FPS will drop below 30 during zerg vs zerg fights or while singing a keep.
  • lordrichter
    I cannot speak to the performance you will get. Most of it will depend on how well the i5 4690k runs the game and not on how well the R9 270 runs it.

    Check your power supply to make sure that it has two 6-pin PCI power cables and can handle at least 25A of 12V power. The graphics card will draw 150W directly from the power supply.

    I always over-buy on the power supply, so my minimum for a system like this would be 600W. I find that power supplies, in general, last longer and provide better power when they are well within operating specs..

    Other than that, it is the same system a friend at work is currently building to play his games, at least for the processor and motherboard. He is using nVidia and has a 750W supply on order.
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  • yodased
    Unfortunately to say, I have a rig that is your rigs big brother:

    i7 3990k
    2 HD Radeon 7990 in crossfire
    16g Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
    1,000w P.S.
    CPU Cooler

    etc etc etc

    and I sit at 40-65 FPS in the world depending on where i'm at, its rock solid in dungeons and other instanced areas.

    I don't pvp, but the few times i've been in there when there are characters around I spike at 50 but hover around 30
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  • Audigy
    In theory you would gain 5% more performance than I do on my I5 2500k without the OC. Since I run at 60FPS on Ultra, you should achieve the same. You will however still drop to 30-40 in towns which is a client side problem.

    The 4690k has a better single core power on clock speed, while the OC potential is limited compared to the 2500k. If you get a K series and such fast Ram you intend to OC right? In stock speed 1600 is sufficient, your CPU cant utilize the faster ram there.

    You would still need a better cooling solution though, the stock cooler wont be sufficient for an OC system.

    Also get a different PSU, its not so much the W but the brand. Since you didn't list the brand of yours I believe its a no name PSU and they are not sufficient for overclocking.

    If you don't intend to overclock, then go for a non K CPU / upgrade to an I7.

    SSD´s are not needed in gaming, but I would recommend them if you also work with your PC like in graphic or sound design.

    The 270x is a good card, if you get a cheap one then why not. Keep in mind though the new AMD cards are coming next year and offer new features.

    Edited by Audigy on December 18, 2014 11:17PM
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