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Mouse weird glitch & 2560x1440 problem

Dear PC technical support team,
I have 2 annoying bugs that I have been trying to solve by my own but to no avail, maybe you guys have the solution.

1. While playing, my cursor / crosshair randomly twitches violently to the upper left of my screen, resulting in me suddenly looking up left for no reason. Sometimes it happens on rapid succession and just screws my raid over completely.
2. I am running ESO on a 4k screen, downscaled to 2560x1440, and windowed fullscreen mode works perfectly fine, but whenever I put it back into fullscreen, it gets downsized to about 3/4th of my screen.

Any insight at all as to why these happen would be really appreciated =)
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hello @Robert_Pendragon!

    For item 1- Some players have reported success by disabling "Enhance Pointer Precision" with their mice. To do so:

    - Open Control Panel
    - Choose Hardware & Sound
    - Select Mouse
    - Select Pointer Options
    - DESELECT the box labeled 'Enhance Pointer Precision'

    If this does not help, sometimes your keybindings can get a little odd, which will make your mouse do some interesting things in game. To reset your keybindings to default, when in-game, press [ESC] and then click "Controls". Select "Keybindings" and press the [X] key to restore them to default. Please navigate to "Camera", below Keybindings, and press [X] again to restore those to defaults.

    We are still working on fully supporting 4k monitors, but if you're having difficulty with it sizing properly the following are some reported solutions for this.

    You will want to check to see that your native resolution and your current resolution match. Since you're using a custom resolution, this may be the problem altogether and why it's having trouble sizing properly. You will also want to check to see that your current monitor refresh rate matches the native refresh rate.

    If the refresh rate (Hz) doesn't match, use the following steps:

    •Click on the blue "Advanced Settings" words. A new window will pop up. Click on the Monitor tab, then choose 60Hz for the refresh rate. If the refresh rate is above 60Hz, the game may run into issues.
    •Next, Launch ESO
    •Log in to the game using your credentials
    •Click "Options" on the left of the Character Creation screen
    •Under Graphics Options, edit the Fullscreen Resolution to match the Native Resolution

    Thank you, and please let us know if you're using a customized gaming mouse and we may have some more specific troubleshooting!
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  • Robert_Pendragon
    Thank you @ZOS_MollyH for replying!

    For item 1, I found a temporary fix by enhancing my pointer speed to maximum while lowering my DPI to 800. Changing the DPI back up makes the problem appear again though. I am using Corsair K65 RGB, although I doubt it's the mouse problem since I have tried the Razer Mamba as well as a $20 Logitech mouse, all have the same problem.

    Regarding item 2, I do make sure both resolutions are the same, however, my screen will always appear 'condensed' into the middle, and weirdly enough, my cursor seems to be off (I have to hover it somewhere bottom right of an option to be able to click on that option).
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @Robert_Pendragon‌ ! Thank you for sharing the solution you discovered! We'll be sure to add it to our list of troubleshooting for users who experience this in the future. In the meantime, we'll be sure to send this up to see if there's a way to make a more-long term solution in a future update.
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