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  • Onigar
    Topic: Master Writs and expansion of the drop rate increase due to in game character knowledge.

    It is stated in previous ZOS comments that the current requirements that increase in the drop rate for master writs will be expanded to include,
    • Knowledge of more Motivs
    • Knowledge of Furnishing Plans

    1. Is there a forecast time frame for such a change?
    2. Will the "Knowledge of Furnishing Plans" include Purple and Gold plans similar to the requirements for Provisioning?

    On a more general note concerning the Master Writs drop rate it is clear from personal and many friends experience the drop rate is not affected by a linear improvement.

    At about 60% of the drop rate improvement requirements on a character there is a definite "sweet spot" where the drop rate is significantly improved.

    As a software manager I would be looking to one of my smart software engineers to ask what sort of clever algorithm they had used to achieve this task.

    What I would hope for is a simple 2 dimensional array of weighted values and achievement flags which could easily be summed to provide a delta to use as an input to the RNG algorithm.

    However, as I was once also one of the smart software devs who looked for ways to use interesting programming methods to solve problems I know how it goes sometimes .... :)
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  • IcyDeadPeople
    Today Nvidia rolled out a new feature called Shadowplay Highlights, which automatically records gameplay clips when you pull off kills in quick succession, for example. It relies on information from the game to know when to save video clips.

    Any chance we might get functionality this added for ESO Battlegrounds and PVP?

    Here is some background on Shadowplay Highlights:



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  • aToken
    I would like to ask why the molten whip morph does the same damage as flame lash. Molten is supposed to buff ardent flame abilities like engulfing and burning embers. Molten whip is most def a ardent flame ability, yet no damage increase here. This was not always the case however. Molten whip used to do more damage than flame lash. Ofcourse I am not referring to power lash procs. So I suppose my real question is why was it changed?
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  • AlmightyJimbo9
    When are you going to fix this very poor coding and reduce the lag. the lag is worse than it has ever been.
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  • Krainor1974
    Can you add guild small and large banners, and tapestry and rugs to guild store for purchase and display in houses. I would love guild banners hanging from my forsaken and Hundunes Palace which are some of the stronghold defending our guild territory.
  • Maidun
    When are we going to get the battleground achievement unlocked for the holiday event ?
  • altemriel
    This one khajiit would like to know, if her skooma bubbler is ever going to be fixed.
    It is strange.
    She saw many people smoking it, blueish smoke came out of the top of it.
    But the one that she has in her home, she lights the fire, but no smoke coming of it.
    Something must be wrong there.
    Will her bubbler ever be usable (or fixed)?

    With bubbles but no smoke
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  • Riddari
    I just joined the forums recently, even though I've been on ps4 NA since launch. I want to say that I've been mixed but mostly positive about most of the changes the game has seen since then. Recently you guys made changes to Templar (my main) because the uptime on Major Mending made them the preferred healer. This along with repentance changes and spear coold own changes have been some considerably important changes.

    I understand the philosophy behind these changes basically being "one class should not be forced into a specific role and should not be the best at one role"(even though DK is still seen as the only viable tank to many). This is something I actually agree with overall.

    My question is this:

    Are you guys planning on ways to make the other classes as viable as their "best" counterparts?

    Hope this long rambling question makes sense lol
  • Boradordin
    Come on Zenimax. Or do you want to lose yet another customer? And yes I am irate.

    First. I got only two of the five Crown Crates during your recruitment drive.

    Second. As pertains to Midyear Mayhem, I have my Battleground completion. It did not register! I thought the PS4 maintenance this morning was supposed to correct this? And no I am not running it again because of your non-Beta tested event!

    Third. Fix your support app as it is broken. When trying to log into it it tells me I have a new device. Nope, same PS4 I've always had. The app tells me it is sending an e-mail. It never arrives! However, it is the correct e-mail address as I got a nice congratulatory message for 2 years as a paying ESO member.

    Boradordin, a very disgruntled paying subscriber.
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  • Boradordin
    Where are you Zenimax employees! It's been an hour since I posted to your SUPPOSEDLY LIVE forum. Did you all get fired?

    Boradordin, a very disgrunled paying subscriber.
  • Boradordin
    Come on Zenimax ex-employees. How about some support? 'Tis been two hours now. Live support must be lip service for your company.
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  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    @Boradordin This isn't live support. This is a thread to ask gameplay and lore questions for the bi-weekly Twitch show called "ESO Live".
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  • Boradordin
    It has now been three hours Zenimax. Time to get out of bed.

    Boradordin, a very disgrunled paying subscriber.
  • RazerKlang
    wonder if we could get a respawn for reagents like runes if not loot it right away. just curious since i came across tonns of places where there is only white suff. i need kuta and rekuta :(
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  • Tlania
    when are you going to fix the game so it stops lagging and crashing, and basically give us what we paid for
  • Mayanpup
    Where are the Restoration Staff skill books. All other weapon types have them. I WANT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ACCESS!!!

    Thank You
  • BlazingDynamo
    Will we ever see active game mods? It would be nice to turn to someone who could deal with bots and gold sellers spamming chat with links instead of submitting tickets.

    Perhaps assigning active players with these mod permissions would help. I know I see enough of this stuff I could easily deal with it myself.

  • nCats

    It would be very interesting to hear more about the transmogrification system ! We have some discussion here, constructive and not so much :)

    Thank you, you're great.
  • Octopuss
    Would a high(er) resolution texture pack (even paid one) be possible to do for PC players?
    The game is fairly recent, but lots of world (and it's not limited to that) textures are really, really painfully low resolution and appear extremely blurry/blocky even from few metres away.
    I believe lots of PC players do have computers more than capable of using that.

    There's a discussion I started about it here.
    PC - EU
  • Yamenstein
    Boradordin wrote: »
    It has now been three hours Zenimax. Time to get out of bed.

    Boradordin, a very disgrunled paying subscriber.

    I don't think you know the point of this thread.
  • m12d12_ESO
    This thread is too long to find out if this has been asked so i will ask ....

    When can we expect sign in issues to be cleared up on the NA PC server with Error code 200? Repair launcher on each log in

    be of some help but doesn't fix the problem. For the better part of 2+ weeks, those of us that have been effected, we are lucky to get signed in and stay on at all.

    So again to clarify....

    Question: When can we expect sign in issues to be cleared up on the NA PC server?
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  • Belyar
    Are you guys going to do something about the EU servers? Couldn't login for more than 5 hours now.
  • RyeKingKilla
    Hey Zenimax!
    I am a Proud Guild Master on the Xbox One Na server And I Have a Guild Bank Question?

    Will there be any advancements or upgrades to being able to stack items in the guild bank Via clicking Left Analog Stick?

    Hello i have a suggestion for sword style. Would you think about change Redguard style sword's shape with this sword. It seems really cool and I know many people will like it.

    Please consider this.
  • Juli'St
    Ask anything?

    Why your servers dont work?
  • SaintSubwayy
    Well there are quite many posts already, and im not going to chech if it already has been asked.

    1. Are there any intentions to make Potions stackable like the Poisons (1000/stack) or even endless stacking?

    2. Are you planning to make Crafting more "usefull" again, like introducing jewelry upgrading /crafting, or for the transmorg system?

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  • MehrunesFlagon
    Are there any plans to do any adjustments to the Maelstrom enchants after HOTR?It is rather disappointed that the most difficult weapons went away from bis.
  • Vezelle
    Well we ever see Alinor and the rest of the Summerset, and the other half of Skyrim?
  • nathan_bri
    I see that 3.1.5 has still not addressed the camera shake issue that causes so many of us to get headaches or become sick when trying to heal with Healing Springs, unless you just didn’t include it in the patch notes.
  • Megatto
    Dear Zenimax Online Studios will there ever be added a Class Change Token to the game?
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