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What did I miss in... Reaper's March?

Hello everybody,

as the title suggests, I might have messed up my own story progression in the AD region of Reaper's March.

The title could also be: Where did I lose track of Razum-Dar?

Spoiler alert: Don't read, if you haven't played the region so far.

When I first entered the zone, I burnt down the Bosmer Village to let them grow new homes there followed the next two quests I got explicitly sent to.
I haven't encountered Razum-Dar since I had to reacquire the Staff of Magnus - and after I somehow re-entered the main-quest with respect to Queen Ayren and the threat Molag Bal poses, he is standing in a corner, flipping a coin and telling me that he also was in Dune when I freed the city.

If he hadn't flipped the coin, I would easily have missed his presence at all, because he was leaning at the right-hand pillar next to a flight of steps and quite a number of other people were present at the time. I spotted him by sheer coincidence because of the famliiar-sounding coin-flipping.

Now, as the way I had to take from then on progresses, I find myself in Coldharbor, not having finished my adventures in Reaper's March.

My question is, did I really miss a s tep of progression, or did the events surrounding the gathering of the alliances kick in because of me meeting the level-requirement? I am level 45 right now, and was wondering why all the Reaper's Marches quests were grey ones right from the start.

In the meantime, I left Coldharbor again to keep progressing in Reaper's March pretending I have not yet been sent there, but suddenly I seem to have lost the "connection" to the whole conflict ingame.

  • Aeratus
    Razum Dar is not part of the AD faction quest line in Reaper's March. He only appears in a side quest.
  • hutchinsonhatch
    Now that I have finished the region, I can tell that I met Razum Dar in 4 Quests, where he either played an active role or was present.
    The region itself is the problem, because you enter in the middle and get sent off the starting village in a direction that makes you miss the "chaining of events".

    For me, it disconnected me from the character in a way that's leading to her becoming a mule.
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