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ZOS should be paying the add-on authors for their services

  • Garkin
    If you want to support addon authors, you can always send them donation in form of in-game currency/items or even in form of real money (almost all authors has link for PayPal donations on ESOUI). For example I still play the game just because my subscription is covered from donations.

    As for the UI - in my opinion it was developed with Skyrim's UI in mind, so all players familiar with Skyrim will feel like at home. UI looks this way on purpose, it's not that there is something missing.
    I think it's not good to force ESO look as other games. It has its own unique style and it should be kept that way. If you modify how the game looks like, you will make just worse version of whatever game you have played before.
    All addons which I use just adds a slightly more information to the UI - like numbers to the power bars, various map markers or shortcuts to make something faster without looking into menus. But general look of the UI remains the same.
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  • Ourorboros
    First, @Garkin, thank you for some excellent add-ons. I know at least two of them, SKYSHARDS and LOREBOOKS are in widespread use.

    The main reason I use add-ons is to save time, time that can be better spent exploring, questing, whatever. LOREBOOKS and SKYSHARDS are perfect examples of this. Without them, no doubt I would still be searching for some of both categories. Without CRAFTSTORE and RESEARCHASSISTANT, I spent much more time using a spreadsheet and pouring over the research tabs and inventory trying to sort traits to save or decon. I've put over 1500 hours into my main, yet without add-ons I might still be working on some achievements I've completed. I also don't want to spend 25% or more game time dealing with inventory management. Without doubt add-ons have made the game more enjoyable for me. Yes, I could play without them, but having trod the add-on road, it would be very hard to tolerate the bare UI. And when an author drops support for their add-on, as happened with CRAFTSTORE, users are powerless to do anything except use a UI they don't like.

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