Anyone know how to bring in Wykkyd skill, gear and macros to new v2.0 Wykkyd

I previously had v1.6.25.1 mhOutfitter & mhFramework & i upgraded to v2.01 made on 11/4 to support ESO update 1.5 new API.I have been fiddling around and i have not found a way to bring in both my old gear, old skills and old macros

If anyone else has had any luck with this please enlighten me.

.... i had 40 macro's and gear & skills to support those macros.... i will continue to play with it., but if i cant bring in the old stuff i may find a better tool bar and look to other methods of macro'ng gear & skills. Thats all I really need,, most of the other features are nice, but not essential. I like quest tracker alot too. Keep up the good work.

P.S. - 1.6.25 worked pretty flawlessly ... occasionally if i go naked, it would create problems or i might need to load twice to get skills in or very rarely just not finish loading (/reloadui would fix). Also being able to macro 48 keys vs 12 was a great new feature and new interface looks nice.

Just i am hoping to get my old sets in before i change my LIVE account. If i cant import the old savedvars, It will take me a good day to bring in all my old gear sets and some skill sets and emotes i will never remember.
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    There is no clean way to do it. The systems are fundamentally different, and the new item ID structure (to support API changes) won't even understand your old gear set saves.

    It's possible you could hand-convert some of it by opening your saved variables files in a text editor and moving chunks between files but that's very risky and is more likely to cause you problems than not.

    I'm really sorry, but that's a rather large leap in versions and so much changed between them... I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  • indigoblades
    Ok guess i will update again and hope ZOS keeps there main stuff in the API stable for a little while. Thank You for all the work supporting Wykkyd.
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