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{NA DC Aus TimeZone} Very New Casual Guild - The Albion

A guild set up for Australian/Pacific Timezone players who are looking to partner up for forced group Craglorn or PvP quests.

Solo player based in Oz? Sick of heading to Craglorn to quest PvE and being forced to group up only to then discover that everyone, rather than questing, wants to grind like a cheap, dirty RnB club at 2 am? We'll we are the desperate 2am 'you'll do' pick up. Yes you'll regret us in the morning, but we will get the job done, you will leave satisfied, you just won't brag about us to your mates.

You don't have to play often, or need help often, or even help out others often, you miserable s***s, but if you are looking for a place where you may find other players looking for the causal quickie to get a quest marked off then we may be the place for you.

Timezone mentioned as it's probably beneficial to anyone who plays down here and sees how quiet it gets on the NA server when Freedom gets its shut eye. If you are in the US, we will most likely operate very early to mid morning during the week, and throughout the evening to mid morning during the weekend, dependent on which coast you are nearest to.

If you are looking for an organised (Stick your Z's!) guild that will offer planned events, teamspeak, tactical role playing and the like, I drink far too much for that crap.

Will be looking to set up a fully functioning guild store/trader once we get a few members going as well, so hopefully you wont have to sacrifice a trade guild either.

If this sounds anything more than a deranged ramble to you? Get help, if it doesn't, give me a shout in game - @Tavrin_Callas.

Edited by Tavrin_Callas on November 2, 2014 6:07AM
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