PTS Patch Notes v1.5

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Notes de version PTS 1.5


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.5, our fifth major content update! We have many new features in store for you.

In this update, we’ve added Veteran City of Ash, the continuation of the dungeon City of Ash, and implemented our improved facial animations so NPCs will look more realistic when you speak to them. We’ve also implemented the next phase of the Veteran Rank improvements, which you can read more about below.

We’re introducing both dungeon scaling and solo-instance scaling in this update so you can go back and revisit some of your favorite dungeons, and have also implemented new Undaunted Enclaves and Pledges that you can perform every 20 hours.

Crafters have a lot to look forward to as well! You’ll be able to undertake certification, as well as crafting writs and survey reports once you’re certified. You’ll want to read more about this further down. In addition, we’ve added the Dwemer crafting style, and Twice-Born Star item set.

Last but certainly not least, you can check out our new chat bubbles, but you’ll have to enable them first in the Settings menu.

In addition to all the new features, we’ve gone through and polished the game to address many issues in regards to combat, gameplay, dungeons, quests, and more. Be sure to hop on the PTS – now with Live characters from the North American megaserver available – and let us know what you think!


Veteran City of Ash
  • Join an Undaunted expedition to assault the Deadlands, realm of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. Veteran City of Ash continues the story begun in the original dungeon.

Improved Facial Animations
  • Goodbye sock puppet mouth, hello lip-synch! We have completed the implementation of the basic FaceFX pipeline, processed over 100,000 lines of dialogue and completed the phoneme creation for all of the races in the game. Facial animations will now synchronize with the dialogue they are speaking. There are some specific monsters that are not updated yet because they do not share the standard “human” animation rig, but these will be updated in the future.
    • Note: This feature is not supported on Windows XP or OSX at this time, but support will be added for them in a future update.

Veteran Rank Improvements
  • We have been tracking Experience gains past maximum Veteran Rank on accounts in preparation for the Champion System. Veteran Ranks are now earned by Experience Points instead of Veteran Points. From this moment on, Veteran Points shall be banished from the land of Tamriel. When a Veteran Rank is earned, you will be rewarded with an Attribute Point and a Skill Point.
  • Reduced the amount of Health, Magicka, and Stamina rewarded on a Veteran Rank gain by 35% to compensate for the new Attribute Points rewarded.
  • It takes 1,432,550 Experience Points to gain a Veteran Rank. We expect this to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to gain a Veteran Rank.

Dungeon Scaling
  • Dungeons will now scale to the level of the group leader, with some caveats:
    • Non-veteran dungeons will not scale below the level they are currently introduced, but will scale up to Veteran Rank 12.
    • All veteran dungeons (with the exception of Veteran City of Ash) are now available from Veteran Rank 1 to Veteran Rank 12.
    • Dungeons will not scale up to Veteran Rank 13 and 14 at this time.
    • Dungeon scaling is determined by the group leader upon the group entering the dungeon. This scaling does not change if the level of the group leader does, or if the group leader changes, once the dungeon has been set.
    • Item drops will also scale up either to the level of the monster or the receiving player character, whichever is lower.
      • For example, a level 28 monster is defeated, dropping an item for a level 26 player character and a level 30 player character. The item levels will be 26 and 28, respectively.
  • The following group content will now scale:
    • Group Dungeons
    • Veteran Dungeons
  • The following group content does not scale:
    • Delves
    • Craglorn Delves
    • Overland Content
    • Public Dungeons
    • Trials

Solo Scaling
  • Solo instances will now scale to your level, with some caveats:
    • Solo instances do not scale below the level they are introduced. For example, Thizzrini Arena begins scaling from level 42.
    • Solo instances do not scale past Veteran Rank 12 at this time.
    • Solo scaling is determined by your level upon entering the instance, and remains there for the session.
  • The following solo content will now scale:
    • Main Quest
    • Fighters Guild
    • Mages Guild
    • Stirk
    • Werewolf Quest
    • Vampire Quest
    • Thizzrini Arena
    • Orrery of Elden Root
    • Cathedral of the Golden Path in Southpoint

Undaunted Enclaves and Pledges
  • Undaunted at the Enclaves are welcoming new members. Follow the invitation to the Enclave to join up.
  • The Undaunted have established Enclaves near the capitals of each alliance. They invite adventurers to join them in the spoils of dungeon conquest.
    • At these locations, members of the Undaunted may acquire quests known as Pledges which will send you into various dungeons to defeat the enemies within.
      • Note: Each type of pledge may be performed every 20 hours.
    • There are two types of Pledges available which will send you into veteran and non-veteran dungeons respectively.
    • Non-veteran Pledges become available at level 45, and Veteran Pledges unlock at Veteran Rank 1.
    • Successfully completing a Pledge results in a key, the quality of which is determined by both the type of Pledge and whether optional objectives have been fulfilled.
    • These keys are used to open chests at the Undaunted Enclaves for a chance at various special rewards, including unique item sets and more.
    • Undaunted Enclaves also include Undaunted Quartermasters, who carry a stock of general goods particularly useful for dungeoneering adventurers.

Crafting Certification, Writs and Survey Reports
  • You can now undertake certification to learn the basics of the various tradeskills, as well as to unlock Crafting Writ quests from your respective alliances.
  • Visit the towns of Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch or Daggerfall and look for newly hired crafting trainers for certification. To assist in finding them, all Writ Boards will also direct you to these trainers.
    • Note: Talented crafters will have the option to fast-track their certification application.
  • Once certified, you can acquire Crafting Writ contracts from newly constructed Writ Boards placed in every major city. The types of items needed for each Writ are appropriate to your approximate skill level in the relevant discipline, asking you to create specific goods, and deliver them to locations in need of these supplies.
  • Note: Crafting Writs may be performed every 20 hours, and are available for every tier of crafting.
  • In addition to inspiration gained from completing these quests, you will receive a package containing various materials in recognition of your contribution. There is a chance that these will, for most tradeskills, include a Survey Report. Survey Reports are similar to treasure maps in that they lead you to caches of valuable items, which in this case are clusters of high-yield harvest nodes, exclusively available to you if you possess the Survey Report.

New Crafting Style: Dwemer
  • The secrets of crafting Dwemer equipment have begun to be recovered. Those searching Dwemer ruins may find lost chapters detailing the construction of specific types of equipment, and if you are extremely lucky, may find an intact book detailing every aspect of Dwemer armor and weapon construction.
  • The crafting style component will require you to collect Dwemer scrap metal from automatons, and refine it into a Dwemer frame item.

New Crafted Item Set: Twice-Born Star
  • If you have researched 9 traits in a given item type, you will be able to craft items in the Twice-Born Star item set. When worn in at least five different item slots, this item set will allow you to receive two different mundus stones buffs. The crafting stations for this item set are located in Upper Craglorn.

Chat Bubbles
  • Chat bubbles are now in beta and available for you to try! These are off by default. To turn them on, go to the Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Interface tab, and you’ll see different options for chat bubbles.

Delves Updates
  • The delves found in Alik’r Desert, Eastmarch and Malabal Tor are now larger, and contain more monsters and loot. This is an ongoing effort to make all delves in the game larger.
  • One low-level Delve in each Alliance was also made larger:
    • Auridon: Del’s Claim
    • Glenumbra: Crypt Watch
    • Stonefalls: Emberflint Mine


Alliance War
  • You now need to be at least Alliance Rank 6 to purchase Forward Camps.
  • All buffs received from Campaigns will be local to the Campaign you're physically located in while in Cyrodiil. When outside of Cyrodiil, your Home Campaign buffs will be applied.

Art & Animation
  • Fixed a clipping issue with hooded headpieces on character models.
  • Fixed an issue with several non-playable character’s hair, including Captain Vistra, the Nereid, and the Noble.
  • Fixed an issue with shoulder and torso clipping on character models.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see certain actions performed by others, such as when they open their inventory or read the map.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Duneripper when he is killed.
  • Adjusted the animations for the troll when they are knocked away from you during combat.
  • You will now stay in first-person view while fishing.
  • Fixed an issue where some props and audio would not work with some emotes.
  • Added more variation to different animations while looting.
  • You can now use the emote /leanbackcoin in first-person view.
  • Adjusted the animation when you jump while crouched.
  • Fixed an issue so werewolf animations will no longer break when you leave combat.
  • If you are a werewolf, you will now sprint on all fours when you leave combat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to turn before they reached their destination.
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to play their forward walking animation while moving backwards.

Visual Effects
  • Fixed an issue where the blizzard effects would sometimes get stuck on your screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects within portals were not properly aligned.
  • Reduced the effects for the Fire Staff’s ability Impulse.
  • Fixed an issue with the effects from the Watcher’s Eye’s Truth Gaze.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flame Imp was using some frost ability effects.
  • Improved the overall visual effects with the Lightning Imp.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some particle effects to not always be visible.
  • Reworked and optimized the Harvester’s effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the bow ability Volley where the effects would stack and potentially cause performance issues.

  • Fixed an issue where certain face-obscuring helmets (including high-level Orc helms) were distorted when worn by Argonians and Khajiit.
  • Fixed an issue where some Soul Shriven NPCs were not wearing the correct equipment.
  • Fixed a number of texture issues with the following monsters and items:
    • Arrow quivers
    • Ogres
    • The Whisperer in Spindleclutch
  • Fixed some clipping issues with the following armor:
    • Altmer (High Elf) armor
    • Hoods on Khajiit character models
  • Improved the look of certain shades of red on player character armors.
  • Fixed an issue where all bladed weapons in the Reach motif were facing backwards.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Imperial light helmets from displaying on Khajiit character models.
  • Improved the fit of the following armor pieces on character models:
    • Breton Heavy armor elbow pads
    • Wrothgar medium shoulders
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Prophet’s hood.
  • Improved how the Alit looks during certain animations.

  • Fixed an issue with the Prowler ship so it no longer rains inside.

  • Fixed an issue so tent ropes and spikes will no longer float in the air.
  • Added collision that was missing from some bushes.

  • Fixed an issue so boss music will now function in Trials.
  • Added and improved a number of UI sounds.
    • For example, a new sound has been added to inform you when you’ve built up enough to use your Ultimate ability.
  • Readjusted many VO conversations so they are more consistent.
  • Added new sounds to many effects, animations and abilities.
  • Added music and ambience to a number of areas that were previously missing it.
  • Fixed some issues where the text and VO would not match.
  • Fixed an issue where VO lines would overlap if you clicked conversation responses too quickly.
  • Previously, you would only hear an error sound once every three seconds, even if you repeatedly tried to do an invalid action (for example, attempting to attack an out-of-range target.) To make this feel more responsive, you will now hear the error sound each time you get an error.

Combat & Gameplay
  • Horses no longer require momentum to jump forward, and can now jump from a stationary position to make it easier to get over objects you are very close to.
  • Clarified several ability tooltips and fixed some grammatical errors.
  • Fixed an issue where projectile abilities - such as Crystal Shards - were stunning targets before impact.
  • Fixed an issue where several abilities were incorrectly playing weapon impact sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where several knockback abilities couldn’t be removed by break free.
  • You can now weapon swap while silenced.
  • Heal over time abilities (such as Regeneration from the Restoration Staff) that hit the target with the lowest health can no longer target NPCs.
  • Continued to fix issues where some abilities could damage enemies through walls.
  • Commands that you issue to your pets will now be cleared when the pet dies.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect animation could play after weapon swapping.
  • Fixed an issue where crowd control abilities weren’t granting additional Ultimate.
  • Targets will no longer hitch when hit by multiple knockdowns or knockbacks in rapid succession.
  • Effects that play out of your sight range will now be visible when you move in range of the target.
  • When grouped, players with a Veteran Rank more than five ranks lower than other group members must now contribute sufficient damage to enemies to receive XP or loot from them.
      This requirement was already in place for groups from levels 1-49.

  • Ardent Flame
    • Dragonknight Standard: Dirt patches left behind by this ability will now disappear when the ability is removed.
  • Draconic Power
    • Choking Talons (Dark Talons morph): Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t getting more powerful when you gained a rank; there is now more damage added on Ranks II-IV. We also fixed an issue where this ability was fading out instantly.
    • Dark Talons: Fixed an issue where this ability was causing a slight reduction in performance.
    • Reflective Scale: Fixed an issue where health bars could become desynced when reflecting bow attacks with this ability active.
  • Earthen Heart
    • Magma Shell: Fixed an issue where this ability’s graphical effect would be removed when an ally activated the Protective Shell synergy.
    • Molten Weapons: When a second Dragonknight casts this ability, a first caster of the ability no longer loses their caster ability bonus.
    • Obsidian Shard (Stonefist morph): Rank I of this ability now has the same travel speed as the other ranks.

  • Assassination
    • Death Stroke: This ability now deals 35% increased damage, and no longer scales up with increased Ultimate. Death Stroke now also increases the damage you deal to a target by 20% for 6 seconds.
    • Double Take (Blur morph): This ability now displays its graphical effect at the correct time.
    • Mark Target: This ability has a new first-person graphical effect.
    • Teleport Strike: The tooltip for this ability now specifies that it immobilizes other player characters instead of stunning them.
  • Shadow
    • Your cloak will no longer be removed if you cast Scorched Earth (Volley morph) or Caltrops, then cast Shadow Cloak.
    • Concealed Weapon (Veiled Strike morph): The stealth speed bonus from this ability now persists if you weapon swap twice.
    • Mass Hysteria (Aspect of Terror morph): This ability now displays a snare graphic on affected targets.
    • Veiled Strike: This ability will no longer stun and off-balance enemies who dodge the attack.
  • Siphoning
    • Swallow Soul (Strife morph): Fixed an issue where this ability’s healing effect was playing on enemies.

  • Storm Calling
    • Mage’s Fury: This ability’s explosion can no longer be reflected.
    • Liquid Lighting (Lightning Splash morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was unintentionally doing extra damage to the first and second hit.
    • Overload: Fixed an issue where this ability’s graphical effect could get stuck on you if the ability is toggled off during a heavy attack.
  • Dark Magic
    • Daedric Mines: Fixed an issue with this ability where the mines could explode on larger monsters that were several meters away.
    • Dark Exchange: The crystals from this ability now line up with the streams of energy.
  • Summoning
    • Unstable Familiar II: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t dealing the correct amount of bonus damage.
    • Winged Twilight: This pet no longer gives experience if you kill him.

  • Dawn’s Wrath
    • Dark Flare: Fixed an issue where this ability’s graphical effect would stay on a target after it was removed.
    • Reflective Light (Sun Fire morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was applying two snares to secondary targets.
    • Fixed an issue where the synergy abilities Supernova and Gravity Crush did not have a target limit.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sun Fire snare duration wasn’t being increased by the Enduring Rays passive.
  • Aedric Spear
    • Blazing Spear: Slightly improved your game performance when using this ability.
    • Spear Shards: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t damaging or disorienting stealthed enemies.
    • Fixed an issue with Focused Charge and Explosive Charge where you could charge through the target.
  • Restoring Light
    • Fixed an issue where the Focused Healing passive wasn’t being applied to Rite of Passage healing.

  • Two Hand
    • Carve (Cleave morph): This ability now gives two Ultimate per target hit instead of three Ultimate.
    • Cleave: Fixed an issue where this ability could not critically hit. We also increased the initial hit damage by approximately 10%.
    • Critical Charge: Reduced damage of this ability by approximately 10%.
    • Critical Rush (Critical Charge morph): Increased the ranged damage bonus for this ability to 68%.
    • Dizzying Swing (Uppercut morph):
      • Reduced the debuff for this ability to 15% from 20%.
      • This ability now has an increased duration, and applies to stun-immune monsters.
      • The debuff no longer stacks with similar effects such as Low Slash.
    • Forceful: This passive now applies splash damage to two targets instead of one.
    • Heavy Weapons:
      • This passive now causes axes to deal bleed damage over 6 seconds instead of 10.
      • Increased the damage per tick, though the total damage dealt remains unchanged.
      • This passive now causes maces to ignore 20% of your target’s armor at Rank II.
    • Momentum: This ability now gives a flat 20% bonus to power instead of increasing over time. This ability also heals you while it’s active, and the duration has been increased to 30 seconds.
    • Rally (Momentum morph): This ability now gains an increased heal value over time, instead of healing for a flat value. This ability can also be activated at any time to instantly heal you.
    • Reverse Slice (Reverse Slash morph): Increased the area damage of this ability by approximately 100%, and it can now hit up to 6 targets.
    • Stampede (Critical Charge morph): This ability now snares targets by 60% instead of immobilizing them.
    • Uppercut: Reduced the cast time for this ability by approximately 12%. We also increased the damage by approximately 2%.
    • Replaced the Arcane Fighter passive with Follow Up. This will increase your damage by 5%/10% for 7 seconds after activating a fully charged heavy attack.
  • Destruction Staff
    • Elemental Ring (Impulse moprh): Fixed an issue where this ability’s damage over time wasn’t triggering Destruction Expert.
    • Force Pulse (Force Shock morph): This ability’s area damage can now critically hit.
    • Force Pulse Rank I: Fixed an issue where this ability didn’t have a chance of proc’ing elemental status effects.
    • Impulse: Reduced the radius of this ability to 6 meters from 8 meters.
    • Pulsar (Impulse morph): Lower ranks of this ability no longer remove the debuff created by higher ranks of Pulsar.
    • Tri Focus Rank II: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t providing an increased critical strike chance for fire staff users.
    • Weakness to Elements: This ability will no longer agro monsters. Using this ability on a target that is already affected now properly refreshes the duration instead of removing it. This ability also now has a graphical effect.
    • Reduced the lens flare on fire staff heavy attacks.
    • The Lightning Staff can now switch targets in the middle of a heavy attack.
  • Restoration Staff
    • Conjured Ward: Fixed an issue where this ability’s shield value wasn’t refreshing when the ability was recast on a target before expiring.
    • Fixed an issue where the graphical effects on Ranks III-IV were not playing correctly.
  • Dual Wield
    • Blinding Flurry (Flurry morph): This ability now gives a 7% off balance chance per hit and increases in damage at all ranks instead of increasing this value on rank up.
    • Rapid Strikes (Flurry morph): This ability now deals 2% increased damage per hit instead of increasing your attack speed.
    • Rending Slashes (Twin Slashes morph): This ability now also increases the initial hit damage by 10%.
    • Twin Blade and Blunt:
      • The axe bleed now deals damage over 6 seconds instead of 10.
      • Increased the damage per tick, though total damage done remains the same.
      • The mace bonus now causes you to ignore up to 20% of your target’s armor.
    • Twin Slashes:
      • This ability no longer gives you a speed bonus when activated with an enemy targeted that is out of melee range.
      • Increased the tick damage for this ability by approximately 10%.
      • The morphs for this ability now increase in damage as the ability is ranked up.
  • Bow
    • Acid Spray (Arrow Spray morph): This ability now determines critical strikes based on the weapon critical rating instead of the spell critical rating.
    • Arrow Spray: Fixed an issue where hitting a target with this ability wasn’t removing the target’s stealth effect. We also increased the area effect arc to better match the size of the effect.
    • Bombard (Arrow Spray morph): This ability now applies a snare after the immobilize ends.
    • Focused Aim (Snipe morph): The damage bonus from this ability now only applies to bow attacks. We also fixed an issue where this passive wasn’t applying to heavy attacks.
    • Hawk Eye: This passive now has a unique icon.
    • Poison Arrow: Increased the damage over time for this ability by approximately 30%.
    • Poison Injection (Poison Arrow morph): This ability now starts dealing bonus damage on targets under 50% health instead of 35% health.
    • Snipe:
      • Reduced the cast time for this ability by approximately 40%
      • Reduced the damage done by this ability by 5%
      • Removed the minimum range from this ability.
    • Volley: This ability now deals damage for 5 seconds instead of 3. We also increased the damage per tick by 20%.
    • Fixed an issue where arrows would disappear if your bow was drawn while equipping armor or a disguise.
    • Fixed an issue where the animation for your bow drawn sometimes wouldn’t play if you rapidly sheathed/unsheathed your weapon while attacking.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t fire a heavy attack while panning the camera.
  • One Hand and Shield
    • Absorb (Defensive Posture morph): This ability now absorbs 100% of damage caused, and also heals for 15% of your maximum health.
    • Battlefield Mobility: Increased this ability’s speed bonus from 25%/50% to 30%/60%.
    • Crippling Slash (Low Slash morph): This ability now adds 5 Ultimate on hit.
    • Deep Slash (Low Slash morph): This ability now hits up to three enemies.
    • Defensive Stance (Defensive Posture morph): This ability now stuns your target for three seconds at all ranks.
    • Low Slash: This ability now reduces enemy damage by 15%.
    • Power Slam (Power Bash morph): This ability now increases the stun duration on rank up instead of disorient duration.
    • Puncture: Reduced the cost of this ability by approximately 30%.
    • Ransack (Puncture morph): This ability now provides armor if used while blocking.
    • Reverberating Bash (Power Bash morph): This ability now reduces healing taken by 40% for 8 seconds; this effect applies even if your target is stun immune.
    • Shielded Assault (Shield Charge morph): Increased the damage shield duration to 6 seconds from 4 seconds. We also fixed an issue where this ability was not refreshing the value of the damage shield when the ability was recast.

  • Light Armor
    • Annulment: Fixed an issue where recasting this ability before it expired would not refresh the absorb value.
    • Harness Magicka (Annulment morph): This ability can now only restore magicka up to three times per cast.

  • Werewolf
    • Added some new werewolf abilities:
      • Hircine’s Bounty: This ability is a large heal that costs magicka.
      • Piercing Howl: This ability deals high damage and stuns your enemy.
      • Infectious Claws: This ability instantly deals damage to all enemies in front of you and causes disease damage over time.
    • Negative effects, such as Disorient, will no longer affect you while transforming, and you will no longer lose your built-up Ultimate as a result.
    • All werewolf light attacks will now cause bleed damage.
    • Fully charged heavy attacks now restore stamina.
    • Werewolf tooltip now includes the bleed damage that light attacks deal.
    • Devoured enemies will no longer display a blinking texture.
    • Fixed an issue where CC break wasn’t working for werewolves.
    • Blood Rage: This passive now restores 3/6 Ultimate instead of 2/5.
    • Brutal Pounce (Pounce morph): This ability now deals 50% of the initial hit to nearby enemies.
    • Devour:
      • This ability can now be used on additional monster types, such as insects.
      • This ability's cooldown period has been reduced from 20 seconds to 7 seconds.
      • This ability will no longer be interrupted by taking damage.
    • Feral Pounce (Pounce morph): This ability only increases the werewolf duration if you are 10 meters or more from your target.
    • Pack Leader: This ability’s tooltip now specifies the amount of Ultimate you gain; this is now a flat value and only works for werewolves.
    • Pounce: This ability now deals more damage, and can now be cast while silenced.
    • Pursuit: This passive now increases stamina gained from heavy attacks.
    • Roar: Fixed an issue where this ability didn’t cost resources if it didn’t hit any targets.
    • Werewolf Berserker: This ability will now deal increased bleed damage instead of increasing attack speed.
    • Werewolf Transformation: Fixed an issue where killing an enemy while feared by this ability would cause the corpse to teleport forward a few meters. This ability also no longer claims ability damage is derived from just stamina.
    • Having the Werewolf skill line now increases your Stamina regeneration by 15% in both Human and Werewolf forms. (You do not need to have a Werewolf ability on your skill bar.)
  • Vampire
    • Devouring Swarm (morph of Bat Swarm): Reduced the healing on this ability by 30%.
    • Drain Essence: This ability can now critical hit and be mitigated by spell resistance.
    • Mist Form: Fixed an issue where this ability was reducing combat magicka regeneration, but not idle regeneration.

  • Fighters Guild
    • Camouflaged Hunter (Expert Hunter morph): This ability now only applies to the first hit of the ability Twin Slashes.
    • Circle of Protection: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t giving bonus armor and spell resistance against undead and Daedra.
    • Evil Hunter: This ability now highlights vampire player characters in Cyrodiil.
    • Silver Bolts: This ability no longer stuns undead or Daedra who dodge the attack. We also fixed an issue where this ability couldn’t be reflected.
    • Silver Shard (Silver Bolts morph): This ability now lists synergy damage in the tooltip.
    • Trap Beast: Fixed an issue where the damage over time effects of this ability could not be cleansed.
  • Mages Guild
    • Entropy: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t displaying its projectile on every tick when returning health to the caster.
    • Fire Rune: Fixed an issue where this ability would play the explosion graphical effect over and over if an enemy got within range of the trap while behind a wall.
    • Volcanic Rune (Fire Rune morph): This ability no longer creates multiple projectiles when cast back to back.
  • Undaunted
    • Blood Altar: Fixed an issue where the beam from this ability wouldn’t play if you had an enemy targeted while casting.
    • If you activate the Intensify synergy, you will now receive Ultimate for dealing damage instead of the caster of the synergy.

Alliance War
  • Assault
    • Caltrops: This ability now shows a red telegraph to enemy player characters.
    • Razor Caltrops (Caltrops morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was dealing less damage than Caltrops.
  • Support
    • Cleanse: This ability now provides the 50% reduction to negative effects, even if a debuff was not removed.
    • Purge: This ability now has new first-person graphical effects.

Death Recap
  • Light and heavy attacks now have consistent names and icons.
  • Fixed several issues where monster abilities had incorrect icons.

  • Large monsters will no longer set off the Sorcerer ability Daedric Mines before entering the activation radius.
  • Fixed an issue where some large monsters would try to attack you before they finished their spawning animation.
  • Monsters that attempt to backstab you no longer run backwards toward you.
  • If you are killed by swarming monsters, you will no longer be attacked immediately upon resurrection.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC ability Soul Tether was stunning enemies instantly instead of at the end of the ability being cast.
  • Large monsters that are not bosses are no longer more powerful than bosses, and boss monsters are now more powerful
  • Monsters can no longer turn their head to look at nearby player characters or objects while they are feared.
  • Monster charge attacks will now deal damage once to each target within the impact radius; they would previously strike each target once for every target in the impact radius.
  • The following monsters are now immune to crowd control effects:
    • Daedroths
    • Liches
    • Trolls
    • Watchers
    • Wispmothers

Monster Abilities
  • Assassin Beetles
    • Assassin Beetles now use Shadow Step more frequently.
  • Bears
    • Crushing Swipe now correctly affects all player characters standing within its area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph.
  • Berserkers
    • Blood Craze now appears as a blood drop in the Death Recap window.
  • Corprus Husks
    • The timing for Vomit has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
  • Durzog
    • Rotbone now causes its target to bleed.
  • Daedroth
    • Fiery Breath now allows the Daedroth to turn faster. It will also no longer damage player characters who are outside the area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph.
  • Dwarven Centurions
    • Static Field will no longer remain up after Dwarven Centurions leave combat.
  • Dwarven Spiders
    • Static Field will no longer attempt to buff constructs that have already received the buff.
  • Fear Mages
    • Fear Mages now cast Fright Force instead of Entropic Flare.
  • Flame Atronachs
    • The timing for Flare has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive, but it can no longer be interrupted.
  • Frost Mages
    • Ice Barrier now correctly appears once the cast has completed (instead of slightly before).
  • Gargoyles
    • Double Swipe now correctly displays its name in the Death Recap window.
    • Lacerate now appears as a blood drop in the Death Recap window.
    • Quake now appears as a rock in the Death Recap window.
    • Petrify can no longer be interrupted.
    • Gargoyles will no longer attempt to use Petrify against you if you are playing solo.
  • Ghosts
    • The casting of Haunting Spectre will no longer cancel when Ghosts are on steep terrain.
  • Giants
    • The timing for Obliterate has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
    • Giants will no longer attempt to use Kick on targets that are not in front of it.
  • Giant Bats
    • The timing for Scrape has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
  • Giant Snakes
    • Lash now damages all players within its area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph.
  • Giant Spiders
    • Encase now displays correctly in the Death Recap window.
    • Poison Spray now more clearly indicates the targets it affects.
  • Guar
    • Guar bites are now easier to avoid.
    • The visual telegraph for Dive now correctly terminates.
  • Hags
    • Reflective Shadows can no longer be interrupted.
  • Harvester Feasts
    • Harvester Feasts no longer path briefly toward you before moving to the Harvester. They also now move more slowly.
  • Imps
    • Flame Ray damage now scales to monster difficulty. Its damage has also been significantly reduced.
    • Fire Imps now deal damage that is more in-line with their shock-oriented cousins.
  • Kagouti
    • Kagouti have learned the ability to Charge.
  • Lurchers
    • Crushing Limbs now has a longer range.
  • Necromancers
    • Summoned Necromancer skeletons now despawn when their master leaves combat.
    • Summon the Dead no longer allows for multiple concurrent adds.
  • Nereids
    • The timing for Frost Bolt has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
    • Water Geyser now deals damage faster than before.
  • Nix Hounds
    • Dampworm now damages all players within its area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph.
  • Ogres
    • Intimidating Roar now fears its target for a longer duration.
    • Ogres can no longer move while casting Smash.
  • Ogrims
    • Ogres will now strike a brief victory post if they successfully hit a target with Body Slam.
  • Plague Husks
    • Plauge Husks will no longer turn while vomiting. Yuck!
  • Skeevers
    • Rend can no longer be interrupted. It can still be blocked to put the Skeever off balance.
  • Spriggans
    • Healing Salve no longer causes Spriggans to hitch and stutter while casting.
    • Nature’s Swarm no longer damages targets outside its area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph radius.
  • Storm Mages
    • Thunder Thrall now affects all enemies within its area of impact indicated by the visual telegraph radius. It also now teleports the monster to its target instead of in front of it. This prevents Storm Mages from stacking up in front of stationary targets.
  • Tank
    • Power Bash no longer causes player characters to fall to their knees.
  • Time Bomb Mage
    • Void now correctly displays its name in the Death Recap window.
  • Trolls
    • Boulder Toss now stuns anyone who is taking damage on impact. Trolls will also no longer fire Boulder Toss if they cannot see their target.
    • Troll regeneration now correctly scales to monster difficulty. Trolls also now regenerate more slowly after being struck with fire damage.
    • The timing for Rock Toss has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
    • The timing for Swinging Cleave has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
  • Wamasu
    • The Wamasu’s Claw attack has been renamed to “Bite.” It is also used more frequently.
    • Repulsion Shock’s range has been extended.
    • Sweep’s range has been extended.
  • Werewolves
    • The timing for Swipe has been adjusted so avoiding it is more intuitive.
  • Wispmother
    • Clone now always produces two copies. Previously it would occasionally create only one.
  • Wraiths
    • Ice Bolt projectiles now sync more accurately with its casting animations.
    • Winter's Reach now has a longer range.

Crafting & Economy
  • The icon for Enriched Honey Brittle is no longer a steak.
  • The tooltip for Potency Improvement Rank 9 now correctly indicates that it allows Glyphs to be crafted for Veteran Ranks 10-14.
  • Item names for Voidstone, Quicksilver, Galatite, and Calcinium Ore now have consistent capitalization.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the descriptions for Rekura and Kura Runestones on the Potency Improvement passive skill.
  • All Fishy Stick food items now use the correct icon.
  • Improved the camera behavior when leaving an enchanting table.
  • Skill books will now properly allow you to reach the maximum rank in a skill line.
  • You will no longer be able to drag crafting components from your inventory if the component has already been slotted. This prevents situations where the crafting component is consumed, but still visible on the cursor.
  • Rearranged some stacked wood harvestables in Deshaan into smaller piles in order to prevent forest fires. Safety first, kids!
  • You will now have your race's innate crafting style book learned in your lore library under Eidetic Memory. Previously made characters will be back-credited appropriately.
  • You will no longer receive deconstruction penalties when your skill rank in a corresponding tradeskill is high enough to craft with the material in question.
  • Crafted Fishy Sticks are now a green quality item of level 45 and can no longer be acquired from crates, barrels and other interactable objects. Regular Fishy Sticks (level 45 as well) can still be found in some containers around the world, as everybody in Tamriel loves those tasty Imperial treats.
  • Amended some inconsistencies in Fishy Stick recipes. Fishy Sticks are now all more similar. If a stick of fish is a fish stick, it will stick like other fish sticks stick.
  • Improved the consistency of wording for raw material items.
  • Renamed "Potion of Invisible" to "Potion of Invisibility," and renamed "Potion of Unstoppable" to "Potion of Immovability" to be more consistent.

Dungeons & Group Content
  • If you complete dungeons before joining the Undaunted, you will now receive credit for those dungeons in your Undaunted reputation when you join.
  • We have removed a small number of non-essential scenes from dungeons as part of our efforts to keep group members’ quests synchronized while playing through instanced dungeons.
  • Improved the quests in the following dungeons so they can be more easily shared amongst your group:
    • Darkshade Caverns
    • Fungal Grotto
    • Spindleclutch
    • Veteran Banished Cells

  • Wasps in Lower Craglorn are now the same level as other creatures in the area.
  • Celestial Rifts will now properly reset if monsters get stuck.
  • The Missing Guardian: Fixed an issue with an animation getting stuck while opening Reinhold's Retreat.
  • Elemental Army: The Thief will be a lot easier for you to see.
  • The Trials of Rahni'Za: Fixed an issue where Master Timen's ghost effect wasn't appearing.
  • The Corrupted Stones: Purging the Warrior's Stone will behave less erratically while in a group.
  • Shada's Tear:
    • Zal'ik’s ability Dark Shield will now display a proper icon in death recap window.
    • When Conjuror Squan dies, the summoned monsters will now die off as well.
  • The Missing Guardian: All of your group members will now be able to use the guide stones to help open the way to Reinhold’s Retreat, as long as at least one group member meets the proper quest step requirements.

Dark Anchors
  • Cultists consumed by the Dark Anchor’s insatiable maw now diffuse instead of vanishing abruptly.

Dragonstar Arena
  • Ability altering weapon enchantments now also include stats!
    • Cleave: Weapon Damage
    • Puncture: Max Health
    • Twin Slashes: Weapon Damage
    • Poison Arrow: Max Health
    • Destructive Touch: Max Magicka
    • Grand Healing: Max Magicka
  • Humanoid monsters now drop gold
  • Arena level 10 on veteran mode always drops ability altering weapons or set piece VR14 items
  • Chest at the end of each arena level now also has a chance to drop ornate items
  • Chests in veteran mode drop VR14 purples for arenas 6-10

  • Arx Corinium
    • Fixed a number of art-related issues.
    • Fixed a typo so Cocophony is now correctly spelled as Cacophony.
    • Fixed an issue where a treasure chest was spawning in a location you could not access.
    • Fixed an issue with quest group-sharing that was preventing NPC dialogue from displaying.
  • Blackheart Haven
    • Fixed an issue where tutorial popups for Blackheart Haven would not always appear for new dungeon runners.
    • The Hags of Blackheart Haven have stopped shouting at everyone regardless of their quest status.
    • You will no longer inexplicably load into Stormhaven when leaving Blackheart Haven.
  • Blessed Crucible
    • When Nusana begins combat, she will now teleport down to the ground correctly.
  • Crypt of Hearts
    • Archmaster Siniel’s ability Induce Horror will no longer spawn a duplicate ghost over your head.
    • Athor and Zaven no longer reward Fighters Guild reputation when each dies. Instead, Fighters Guild reputation will be rewarded once both Ilambris twins are defeated.
    • Athor and Zaven now have correctly voiced lines when they are engaged in combat.
  • Darkshade Caverns
    • Fixed an issue where you could become stuck in the world.
    • Mine All Mine: Fixed an issue that could prevent your group members from receiving this quest once they entered the dungeon. We also fixed an issue that could cause Foreman Llothan to despawn prematurely.
  • Direfrost Keep
    • Fixed an issue where there was no quest marker above the Speaking Stone that needs to be activated for the quest step "Listen to the Ghostly Image.”
  • Elden Hollow
    • Fixed a number of art-related issues.
  • Fungal Grotto
    • Fixed an issue that could cause problems with the goblin charge for the quest Kings of the Grotto.
    • Fixed an issue where you could see outside of the intended the playing area.
  • Selene’s Web
    • Longclaw's Mirror Ward will now be much more resilient to enemy attacks.
  • Spindleclutch
    • In the depths of Spindleclutch, the Whisperer's Grappling Web can no longer be blocked.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the first boss to spawn and despawn erratically.
  • Tempest Island
    • Fixed a number of art-related issues.
    • The conduit stone on the summit of Tempest Island no longer makes Alduril feel the need to lie down and take a nap during the quest Eye of the Storm.
    • Stormfist will now be a more shocking result for his summoners.
  • Vaults of Madness
    • The ability Obliterate now has the correct icon and damage type on the death recap screen.
    • Saryne Dralen will spawn correctly regardless of what Veteran Rank you are for the quest Mind of Madness.
  • Volenfell
    • Fixed a number of art-related issues.
  • Wayrest Sewers
    • Fixed an issue where you would find yourself turned around after entering Wayrest Sewers.
    • Investigator Garron’s Restless Souls no longer grant experience.
    • You will no longer get knocked through the gate leading out of Wayrest Sewers when fighting Allene Pellingare.
    • When fighting Slimecraw, his ability Primal Sweep will no longer knock you out of the playable space.
    • Fixed an issue with several doors so they will open after boss deaths to prevent you from being blocked when arriving later in the dungeon.
    • Quest pins associated with this dungeon will now behave more consistently.

Veteran Dungeons
  • Veteran Banished Cells
    • Maw of the Infernal: You now need to kill the Daedroth before you are able to press the switches to open the gate.
    • The Plan: Fixed an issue where your progress could be blocked if you interacted with the final binding before speaking with Keeper Cirion. We also fixed an issue with the Ghost of Rillis’ theater.
    • You can no longer interact with the crystals in this dungeon while in combat.
    • You can now hear all voiced audio in this dungeon regardless of whether or not you are on the quest.
  • Veteran Crypt of Hearts
    • Fixed an issue where Alanwe could get stuck on the ledge above Nerien’eth’s arena.
    • The waves of skeletons in Nerien’eth’s office will now reset if your group wipes.
    • Fixed an issue where you could slide on the ground when hit by Nerien’eth’s ability Blood Lust.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing you from sharing the quest with your group mates.
  • Veteran Darkshade Caverns
    • The Engine Guardian’s Green phase will disappear when the boss is defeated.
    • What Was Lost: Fixed an issue that was preventing the theater with Grobull from playing correctly. We also fixed an issue where the theater would play multiple times if someone in your group was offline during the first time.
  • Veteran Fungal Grotto
    • Updated the placement of a book to prevent it from clipping into the ground.
    • The Spawn of Mephala will no longer attempt to draw you into her portal when she drops below 10% health.
    • Fixed an issue with the theater scene with Fighters Guild Survivors Gulvera, Ranarwa, and Fasarel.
    • Improved the quest Lighting the Shadows in the following ways:
      • This quest will no longer be bestowed after the first step of the dungeon has been completed.
      • Removed a spoiler from the journal background text.
      • Gulvara and Fasarel will no longer leave before the final boss is engaged.
      • Updated Vigilant Ranarwa's location and position to improve the camera view when you interact with her.
      • Journeyman Gulvera will now display "talk" when you mouseover her instead of "use.” It’s not nice to use people!
      • Fixed an issue where Vila Theran could be spawned at the wrong time.
      • Swordsman Ranarwa no longer leaves like a coward as soon as nearby monsters are engaged in combat.
    • Gamyne Bandu's Chains of Misery will no longer affect targets after one group member dies.
    • Adjusted the Spawn of Mephala so that he isn’t as jittery in combat.
  • Veteran Elden Hollow
    • Fixed an issue where the end theater screen shake was missing audio.
    • Bogdan the Nightflame will now spawn in correctly when you approach his platform.
    • You can no longer dodge Bogdan’s Daedric Flame. Don’t stand in the fire!
  • Veteran Spindleclutch
    • Fixed a number of issues with the quest Blood Relations:
      • Mereel, Sud-Hareem and Faulor no longer engage in combat throughout the instance.
      • You can no longer acquire this quest once the current instance has progressed past the first step.
      • Fixed an issue with Sud-Hareem where portions of his conversations would not match the VO.
      • The adds that spawn during the fight with Praxin Douare will now only aggro group members that are nearby. If no player characters are near, the encounter will reset. The fight will also reset is Praxin is unable to reach his target.
    • Adjusted the size of the fire damage-over-time on the Flesh Atronachs.
    • You can no longer interact with the final boss room door during combat.
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers
    • The Escaped Souls no longer grant experience during the fight with Garron the Returned.
    • Fixed a number of issues with the quest No Second Chances:
      • Updated several doors to open after boss deaths to prevent you from being blocked when arriving later in the dungeon.
      • If you enter the dungeon after the quest has been advanced, you will no longer re-trigger Master Pellingare's theater.
      • Fixed a spelling error in a hint step.

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the Dragonknight Standard and Templar’s Nova could prevent you from reviving inside a Trial.
  • Hel Ra Citadel
    • Fixed an issue where some interactable objects were not giving you the correct items.
    • The correct audio will now play when breaking the statues in difficult mode.
    • Tornadoes summoned by Ra Kotu will now dissipate if they become stuck.
    • The Welwa Master and his welwas will no longer target you on the other side of the gate.
  • Aetherian Archive
    • The Foundation Stone Atronach is now correctly immune to bleed effects.
    • You can no longer read books from bookshelves through walls.
    • The teleport pads to the first set of islands will now glow properly when in an active state.
    • The Wispmother will now play the correct audio when spawning clones and when she dies.
    • If you die to lava, you will now have all the standard reviving options available.
  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • You will now be able to use the LFG tool to queue for Sanctum Ophidia.
    • Switch-controlled doors will no longer have an “E to interact” prompt.
    • Turuk Redclaws will now properly appear after the Celestial Serpent has been killed in the quest The Oldest Ghost. We also added text in your Journal for this quest.
    • Possessed Mantikora
      • Fixed an issue where telegraphs for the Quake ability were being removed by Negate Magic and its morphs, making it difficult for you to avoid taking damage.
      • All group members will now be engaged in combat when you begin fighting the Mantikora.
      • The Mantikora will no longer attack you with a melee attack when you are being sucked into the portal to the Celestial Nightmare.
      • The Possessed Mantikora’s corpse will now take longer to despawn once you defeat him.
    • Ozara
      • Fixed an issue where Trapping Bolt was removing some stages of Vampirism.
      • You will no longer be constantly reminded to "Remove Bolts from Allies."
    • The Stonebreaker
      • The Stonebreaker’s corpse will now take longer to despawn once you defeat him.
    • Rockheaver Troll
      • Added a slight delay before you begin taking damage from the ability Spreading Poison.
    • The Feeding Pit
      • This optional event will now properly reset when your group wipes.
      • Fixed an issue so if you were carrying the meat and you logged out or crashed, the meat will now reappear so it can be retrieved again.
    • Fixed an issue where some interactable objects were not giving out the correct items, in addition to a variety of art-related issues.

Exploration & Itemization
  • Newly created characters will now start off wearing low-level armor instead of the Soul Shriven rags.
    • Dragonknights and Templars will start with Heavy Armor.
    • Nightblades will start with Medium Armor.
    • Sorcerers will start with Light Armor.
    • All armor can be previewed first when creating your character under the Novice Gear option.
    • You will have the option to acquire additional pieces of this armor in light, medium, or heavy before leaving the Wailing Prison.
    • If you have an existing character, you will still keep your original Soul Shriven rags and they will not be removed from your inventory.
  • Treasure chests in Upper Craglorn now have the potential to drop equipment up to Veteran Rank 13.
  • Racial Motif items that are purple quality level or higher will now have an additional confirmation before they can be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rift vendor Alskar was selling incorrect goods, and or occasionally sold you nothing.
  • Fixed an issue that was, in limited circumstances, resulting in a sword appearing at your feet when picking up a two-handed Breton sword from the world.
  • Fixed an issue where some Altmer Axes would not appear in your inventory when picked up in the world.
  • Removed the chance for a lockpick to break when successfully picking a lock, and removed the chance to get a lockpick from treasure chests.
  • Aniama in Koeglin Village now stands by her stall, tired of wistfully gazing at it from afar.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not reach the book “Redguards, History and Heroes V.3” in Alik’r Desert.

  • The Dominion Vanquisher achievement will now register as complete when you kill all the bosses inside Banished Cells.
  • The following achievements now specifically name the bosses that need to be killed to complete the achievement.
    • Arx Corinium Vanquisher
    • Crypt of Hearts Vanquisher
    • Direfrost Keep Vanquisher
    • Fungal Grotto Vanquisher
  • Corrected the names of many Cave Delver achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where you were not being given proper credit for the achievement Lower Craglorn Cave Delver. This will be back-credited to everyone who has previously earned it.
  • Fixed minor typo in the Renowned Provisioner achievement.
  • Armorer Munbi Svel in Stonefalls now correctly sells all expected levels of heavy armor.
  • The achievement Shattered Remnants now requires all of the quests listed in its prerequisites to be completed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause you to not receive skyshard achievements even if you found all of the required skyshards.
  • You can now gain the achievement Haddock's Market Explorer when Ariana-at-Fara and Grandmother Thunder are defeated.

Crafted Items
  • The Consummate Steak Soup buff can no longer be stacked.
  • The recipe for Fortified Mountain Lager has been added to the game.

Item Sets
  • Clarified tooltips for a number of item sets.
  • Fixed an issue where low-level item sets wouldn’t display certain set bonuses.
  • Killing critters no longer procs the movement speed bonus on the Quick Serpent item set.
  • The Brute item set now properly refreshes damage bonus on activation instead of stacking.
  • The Magicka Furnace item set now emits a sound when it fires.
  • The Nightshade set now correctly increasing stealth detection range.
  • The Oblivion Foe item set will no longer erroneously provide soul gems if the resurrection is declined.
  • The Spectre’s Eye set will no longer erroneously activate when using abilities that don’t cost magicka.
  • The Whitestrake’s Retribution set damage shield graphic is now visible to enemies.

  • Ability-altering weapons with the infused property now correctly increase in power.
  • All bosses now have the possibility of dropping gold, not just humanoids.
  • Fixed an issue where your character would display an eating animation instead of a drinking animation when consuming brandy.
  • Humanoid monsters now drop more gold, but no longer drop gold 100% of the time.
  • Light now appears when you draw a bow that is enchanted with fire.
  • Ornate jewelry now provides the correct amount of bonus sell value.
  • The reward for completing “The Walking Dreamer” quest in The Vile Manse public dungeon The Vile Manse can now be added to your quick slot bar.
  • The Wisperwoe item now has the correct sell value.
  • Treasure Chests in Upper Craglorn now contain items up to Veteran Rank 13.
  • Weapons enchanted with lightning no longer display a lens flare.
  • You can now find items that allow you to craft in the Dwemer style.

  • Clarified the Training trait tooltip to better communicate that it does increase experience gain with the one hand and shield skill line.
  • The Reinforced trait now provides increased armor.

(Notes continued below)
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  • Anjelicus
    holy cow! you weren't kidding about 37 pages lol!

    Notes look GREAT, some things were much needed changes.. Still Downloading the update but cant wait to get in and check it out in person.
    Edited by Anjelicus on October 13, 2014 8:07PM
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  • Audigy
    That's a huge list, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I like the whole crafting update with the "harvest zone" as reward and that we can open chests for the undaunted. Its still a grind but at least a bit more creative than at other games with the silly "points" that we bring to vendors ;)
  • Tintinabula
    Hmm, wonder if the Knockback fix for granting ultimates covers the Take Flight ultimate not granting ultimate when it deals the killing blow.
  • TheBull
    Edited by TheBull on October 13, 2014 7:40PM
  • Ghostbane
    We have been tracking Experience gains past maximum Veteran Rank on accounts in preparation for the Champion System.

    Is this confirmation that all XP earned silently after VR14 will be converted to Champion Points when that feature lands?
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  • Kalman
    "The Sturdy trait now provides increased armor."

    That is the exact same as the Reinforced trait. Why would you make two traits do the same thing?
  • c0rp
    Micanet wrote: »
    Wow, this is surely a long list of great new things.

    But since I use most of my time in PVP I noticed the most idiotic improvement I have ever seen:
    Alliance War
    You now need to be at least Alliance Rank 6 to purchase Forward Camps.
    What the #@¤% is this - I play alot on the nonvet campaign, now i wont play with new comers anymore becuase they now leech my very hard earned APs, and yes, to you who plays on the normal servers, nonvet is a low populated server so the APs are not easy to get. Most keeps get repaired for gold, since there is not enough AP to do this.
    - With this update you will achieve a Rank dominated world - The one thing that will happen is "Ahh you are to low level to play with us, go away and come back when you can be used for something good"
    - If you want to do something with the camps, make them work for groups, so you keep the leeches out of the camps or make them go away.
    - Must then admit if there where no camps on Nonvet i dont think a keep would ever change owner with the V5 NPCs

    Well enough said, if this is a new update then you can close the nonvet server, cause you just made it impossible to play.

    It wont be long before FWCs are removed from the game anyway.

    Force weapon swap to have priority over EVERYTHING. Close enough.
    Make stamina builds even with magicka builds.
    Disable abilities while holding block.
    Give us a REASON to do dungeons more than once.
    Remove PVP AoE CAP. It is ruining Cyrodiil.
    Fix/Remove Forward Camps. They are ruining Cyrodiil.
    Impenetrability needs to REDUCE CRIT DAMAGE. Not negate entire builds.
    Werewolf is not equal to Vamps/Bats.
  • c0rp
    Ghostbane wrote: »
    We have been tracking Experience gains past maximum Veteran Rank on accounts in preparation for the Champion System.

    Is this confirmation that all XP earned silently after VR14 will be converted to Champion Points when that feature lands?

    Thats been confirmed for a long while now..

    Force weapon swap to have priority over EVERYTHING. Close enough.
    Make stamina builds even with magicka builds.
    Disable abilities while holding block.
    Give us a REASON to do dungeons more than once.
    Remove PVP AoE CAP. It is ruining Cyrodiil.
    Fix/Remove Forward Camps. They are ruining Cyrodiil.
    Impenetrability needs to REDUCE CRIT DAMAGE. Not negate entire builds.
    Werewolf is not equal to Vamps/Bats.
  • Vanzen
    Still nothing about continuous attack pvp buff broken ...
  • HippieTheGreat
    Wow thats alot of notes.

    Good stuff, and ALOT of bug fixes. I'm happy :)
  • Forestd16b14_ESO
    Read it and what about block casting or armor abuse ??????????
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