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Looking for a guild! {N/A} {EP}

Hi folks my wife, friends and I are looking for an active guild. But we do have some ideas on what type of guild we are looking for.

- Looking for a 18+ mature guild, we don't want to have to worry about little Timmy's pure ears if one of us drop the f-bomb.
- We want to do raids/trials, see end game content but we all have pretty busy lives right now. If we can participate when we are available and not be shunned if we have real life events, that is a must. Raiding/trials on the weekend is a big plus- some of us are in night classes after work.
- We view ESO (or any MMO) as entertainment, something to have fun with, if it starts to become like another job, we don't see the point in continuing.
- Has to be an active guild. We don't put much weight in a guild with 400+ members if only two or three are active.
- All of us are still leveling characters, but we will get there soon enough.

What we have to offer:
- All of us have played WoW and have extensive experience in raiding, should help with trials. We know what it means to come prepared, good gear, and a decent build.
- We believe in helping out when we can and those of us who have professions, are usually more than happy to help out with crafting. Even throwing mats in the bank.
- Unless some emergency happens, if we sign up for an event, we will be there.
- A Couple of us have experience with leadership, either running a guild or filling the Raid Leader role.

Hope that is not off putting, just figured we would post what we are looking for and save everyone some time. Please feel free to drop a link, or send me a message in-game @Fragorders‌ Thanks!
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