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Dark Carnival

The world is full of horrors that dwell in the shadows as they prey upon the Light. It is in the twilight of the eldritch and the macabre that these horrors will find the Dark Carnival; Watchmen standing ready to defend the innocent.

Born from nightmare, the Dark Carnival is a haven for witches and warlocks, knights and ladies, monsters and misfits that stand Fearless against the Horrors. We travel the lands, wearing our Masques in the light, and sending Hunters through the shadows.
Our Keepers maintain the adventures of this troupe within ancient tomes, worn yet timeless, collectively known as, "Tales of the Dark Carnival”. Will you be part of our next chapter?

Daggerfall Covenant, NA Server

or contact me in-game : @Lady_Aramina
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  • Halke
    Hey, you might want to add what server you are on and what alliance you are based out of ^.^
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