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Uk Mer N Fur EU/AD looking for guys and girls for trials and dsa.

Hi there a bit about us first. We are an active pve guild with all vet dungeon speed/hard mode achieves. We also have trials speed runs and dragon star arena completions(we are currently 11th on the weekly trial board). Our goals are now to do trials hard modes veteran dragon star arena and sanctum Ophidia.
We have a friendly atmosphere and are always helping each other out with gear and build ideas. It is this atmosphere and willing to teach/learn that is the cornerstone of our ethos. We also have a great laugh on our runs it's meant to be fun right?
We also have an unofficial competition among certain guildies for achievement points . so if you want some one to join you and chat while you are grinding treasure chests or something you will more than likely find someone doing the same.
Having said all that we are semi casual what I mean by this is we only officially raid twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is to avoid the content becoming stale, give ppl chance to work on their alts/achievements and you know things IRL (people still have those apparently). However on raid nights we like ppl to be prepared to raid and available at invite time.
Now on to you if you have a sense of humour, patience and the afore mentioned willingness to learn the only extra thing you will need is ts. If you think this is you either reply here or contact gerrick nightgrove in game.
Feel free to check out the vid on ukmernfur.guildlaunch.com.
Ps if your a sorc that would help we are short on them.
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