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Strange Hardware Bug That ONLY Occurs While ESO Is Launched


I've been noticing since I started playing the game about 6 weeks ago that my mouse occasionally will just stop tracking while the game is launched, though the buttons will continue working and the LED still shows. The only way to get it working properly again is through a very specific and quirky ritual (unplug the mouse, re-plug the mouse, at which time the cursor gets stuck in the bottom corner of my screen, navigate to Restart via Super and Arrow keys, and then unplug/replug my mouse once more after I log in to my desktop). I've tried updating my mouse driver to no avail, and even reinstalling my mouse driver doesn't fix the problem without the above ritual.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? It seems very far-fetched that a programme would be communicating with the mouse drive a) at all (don't most settings get inherited through Windows?), and b) in such a way that would bug it out - but it doesn't seem impossible, either. And like I said in the title, this ONLY happens when I'm playing ESO. No other game or general computer use has seen this issue for the 7 months that I've owned this mouse.

As for specifics, I use a Gigabyte M6800 mouse on a Windows 7 OS.

Any insight from anyone as to what might be going on, or any similar experiences?
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