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Anyone tried the new bow enchant in 1.4?

We’ve added powerful new ability altering enchantments that can drop on weapons found in the Dragonstar Arena, the Serpent Trial in difficult mode, and from the Alliance War Leaderboards.

Poison Arrow: This ability increases your weapon damage when attacking enemies affected by Poison Arrow.

^ Is it any good? Say, better then the 20% chance to proc damage bow?
Nelgyntc- V14 NB
  • Ragefist
    Sounds like buff to Poison Arrow spam
  • Thejollygreenone
    I disagree, certainly it wouldn't refrain its benefits from those spamming venom arrow, but it does also promote other methods of application, which is what I'm personally going to use it for. With my morag tong set lethal arrow poison damage build that's gunna be possible in 1.4, this will be perfect.
    (That is if using a classic poison enchant doesn't miraculously result in higher dps)

    My point is, yeah it's a buff to venom arrow spam, but it's intention was to be a buff to those using it as a DoT, where you can get the damage bonus without having to use the ability more than every 10 seconds.

    Yes you can still venom arrow spam if you want, and this enchant will benefit you, but it's adding incentive to the DoT portion of the ability, which I welcome.
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