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Request for information: Charged Atronach

Good morning The Elder Scrolls Online community!

Okay so, I'm thirsting for knowledge again.

At the phase where I'm experimenting heavily and crave new and different dynamics of play for my beautiful Sorceress in order to better please the magnificence, that which is Boethiah.

Now, Charged Atronach. How does it function?

  1. Use Charged Atronach on location x
  2. Charged Atronach does damage and stands within radius on location x
  3. Charged Atronach does area-of-effect attack [on-landing, then every three seconds for a maximum of X seconds with a maximum of X area of effect attacks?]

Step three, is this close to the truth? Can you provide the truth, can you sate my thirst for knowledge? Please? I have a really amusing idea in my head that may or may not work depending on the truth.

Many thanks for entering this thread and making it less lonely.
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