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Solution: Radeon HD 7800 crashes.

This may apply to other video cards but idk.

I wanted to post this in hopes that others having the same problem might find a solution and will perhaps be more visible in search engine results. Drivers are up to date, even tried the beta drivers as of aug '14.

Since the beta TESO has had many crash problems for many people, however they've since resolved most of their client-side issues. For the longest time I've been having video crashes with my Radeon HD 7800 series. It took me a bit to pin-point where the crash was coming from isolating the sound of my card's fan turning off on crash (and no TESO crash report option as well as CPU being just fine). Sometimes the crash is when I'm doing nothing (most frequent), and others when large fights ensue (interestingly rarer).

First I picked up GPU-Z to monitor what was happening and found on stock-clock the gpu was maxxing out on the game, somewhat randomly, but typically hovering at around 85-90%. You can play for hours no problems and then get 6 crashes in 30 minutes. I do play on ultra settings, but the card was running virtually the same when standing still vs 100 people on the screen fighting.

Then I noticed the card even when idle in the game was running at about 75 C, a little more than the web claims, but would sometimes reach 80. I have the side panel tilted off. Right before crashes the fan while idle for the rest of the time would suddenly go HARD. Rather than gradually increasing in speed it seems it just stays in somewhat idle mode and then flicks full speed when it gets too hot, but then it's too late.

I then picked up ASUS GPU Tweak (I'm sure there's other software out there too) and tried messing with the fan speed and moved the GPU clock to 1100, left the memory alone, and moved the fan speed to 55% constantly for game-mode, the card stays at 50-55 C and NO CRASHES.

For some reason it seems the fan wasn't adjusting speed on my card until near critical temperature, perhaps I should have RMA, but TESO was the only problem I ever had and I could find zero fixes via search engines. Just posting my outcome in hopes if others have the same problem they may find peace.
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