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Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Introduction to Aedric Studies"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article "Loremaster's Archive: Introduction to Aedric Studies."

Also, be sure to submit your questions for our next edition!
Jason Leavey
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Staff Post
  • LadyNerevar
    This series continues to be my favorite. Really looking forward to what the next one has to say about souls. A lot of contradictions on that subject in lore, and, if everything goes as it has been, I expect some interesting things confirmed ;)
    Librarian at the Imperial Library
  • Guar
    I love it when there is a new Loremaster's Archive to enjoy! Can't wait for the next one!
  • CreepySpydre
    Interesting reads to say the least =) The Daedra to me are more like powerful trans-dimensional beings than supernatural
  • Toorlokviing
    well i sent in my question but i want to post it here in cases they dont get it.i really want this answered...we need to know more about the dreamsleeve.

    Q: some of us that have delved deep enough in the bethsoft forums have read about the dreamsleeve. said to a place where souls can be recycled and await their rebirth on nirn. my question then it possible for strong memories to sometimes make it though after the dreamsleeve into the soul's new vessel? much like deja vu coupled with reincarnation for those that believe here on earth? or feelings that may be from a past connection with somone they do not know in this life but knew in the last life?. im writing a story about a character so information like this is greatly appreciated. :)

    Toorlokviing, lore seeker
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