Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Zakhin's Many Heroes"

This is the official discussion thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Zakhin's Many Heroes." Join us as we explore Hammerfell's Redguards with two new lore books.

Be sure to submit your questions for our next edition, as well!
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  • ServerusEcru
    Greetings travelers, friends and most honorable scholars of Tamriel, respectfully.

    To the utmost historians and diligent scholars, I send this courier to offer you a written parchment. He is a young lad, but faithful at his work. I promised him that you would give him proper coin for his services, as I have already paid him a thousand gold to see this gets in good hands. For I am in search of historical understanding. My name is Serverus Ecru, Commander of the Knights of the Order of the Candle, cousin of the High Queen, Maraya; also protector and defender of Hammerfell. My blood is of a noble birth, thus it was forged in the fiery furnaces of the Alik’r desert. And albeit I know my duty to the realm, my King, Fahara’jad’s libraries are naked in areas of our Knighthood’s antiquity. There are no books that cover the Order’s foundry and how it was truly established. My guild brothers and sisters are eager to learn of the trials and victories of those who served before us.


    We know through legacy of the Ra Gada tales and the Ash'abah who sends the undead to rest without guilt; and we honor the original protectors who were the Knights of the Moon, led by the Breton Lord, Vhosek and Lord K’var, respectfully. Thus, we do not know how these Commanders became defunct, or why their group was replaced with the Order of the Candle. What does it all mean? We know in Sentinel’s history that there has been no order, guild or organization that is treated with more respect than the Knights of the Order of the Candle; but at what cost did we gain our legacy, and what happened to the Knights of the Moon; to discredit them as invalid? And who are the Knights of Iron who were in charge of military excursions, inspired by the Resolutions of Zenithar? I personally have never came across these Iron Knight rivals, but they are said to be of some lost region in Sentinel.

    "Train your opponent to make the wrong response." — The Book of Circles, By Loredas Maxims
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