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Practised Incantation - interrupted while casting

Tooltip says "gain immunity from all enemy control effects" and yet twice today I've been interrupted whilst casting it in PVP. So what exactly is it immune too? I think both times I was knocked back while casting, difficult to see with all the animations going on around me.
  • Soris
    Yes, it happens to me couple times. I think it grants immune to only invasion or binding javelin kind of skills. Simple interrupt with RMB+LMB interrupts it. Not sure if it's working as intended but yeah, apparently we don't have %100 immunity while casting it.
    Edited by Soris on July 1, 2014 3:15AM
    Welkynd [Templar/AD/EU]
  • chaosme
    It probably works the same as boss immunity. You cannot be CCed while using it but is still subject to normal interrupts like with bash or skills like venom arrow and crushing shock.
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