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Shuffle (Evasion morph). Removes multiple snares?

I'm currently leveling this ability and the Shuffle morph looks like a much more appealing morph, except that the description makes very little sense to me so I don't know if it is what I think it is.

What exactly does it mean to remove more than 1 snare if you're wearing more than one piece of medium armor? Aren't you either snared or not snared? Is it just removing 1% of whatever amount of snare is on you per piece of armor or something? Does it only remove snare upon activation is or will it passively do so the whole time it's active? If it does remove snare(s) the whole time it's active, does that mean you'll be immune to 5 consecutive attempts to snare you if you have 5 pieces of armor on, for instance?

I haven't been able to find squat about this ability, partially because the word "shuffle" brings up a plethora of unrelated threads. But it's either really cool or completely useless as a way of avoiding snares, depending on which one of the many interpretations of the tooltip is correct.
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