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Shadowy Disguise

  • Guppet
    Lynx7386 wrote: »
    Stealth is to protect us when we're in combat. Stealth is to increase our damage when we're in combat.

    Stealth is not for either of these things, considering it cannot be used once combat has been initiated.

    Please read the title of a thread before posting. Every person in this thread that uses the word stealth is referring to invisibility from Shadow Disguise, everyone else managed to work that out.
    Guppet wrote: »
    Ah I give up, feel free to kill all those mobs, ill sneak past them and get 2 more quests completed while you do that.

    One more time. It's broken. It's breaking from our own dots, it's breaking in PVP at random, it's breaking in PVP if a group member is in combat and you're not. It's broken. These are confirmed by ZOS.

    Moving past 20 mobs to "get 2 more quests completed" and skipping content does not mean that it's not broken. It does not change anything stated above. Your single "massive benefit" does not make the ability not broken.

    There is a reason everyone in the thread is auguring with you, you're pushing a single point that really ultimately doesn't have anything to do with what's being said.

    Your single point does not override every other circumstance that stops it from working.

    Please engage everything you have and try to understand that. No body cares that you're avoiding content by walking past VR mobs because everything else about it is broken. Good luck "walking past mobs" in PVP or group dungeons. I'm sure everyone will be just thrilled by you taking up a raid spot.

    [snip] You may want to go read the thread from the start again. It does not start out being about PVP at all. I suggested reworking the skill and someone queried what I meant by super stealth. Since that point onwards, I have been explaining what that means.

    You may have a hard on for the PVP bugs, which are real and I have never denied. But, nothing I have said was out if context like you are claiming.


    Also someone that can't see the utility of stealth to avoid combat, is not so one I would want in my raid groups ever, they clearly lack any imagination or ability to think on their feet.

    [Edited to remove Baiting and Rude Comments]
    Edited by ZOS_ConnorG on September 6, 2020 4:01PM
  • Prince_Edward
    There's a word I'm thinking of here... oh what is it... something to do with weight value per volume.... hmm.... thick?... no, no that isn't it... hmm..... mass?... oh well...
  • williams226
    I think we are all waiting for Shadow Cloak to be fixed. I just wish ZOS would give us a bit more communication, the lack of info I feel is what really annoys most people.

  • Prince_Edward
    You can't say "most people", its a vague and sweeping statement. It is unfair and assuming, and not necessarily true. When people say something about ZOS, and state that other people feel the same as they do, everyone assumes that it must literally mean everyone. This then makes them repeat things merely because they heard someone else say it. See how that is a problem?
  • CapuchinSeven
    Guppet wrote: »
    It does not start out being about PVP at all.

    Dear lord.

    Your own DOTs break Shadow Disguise.
    Being in a group with a single member in combat breaks Shadow Disguise.

    PVE, PVP. It's broken.

    Please, put everything you have into understanding this. Your singular example for a use of Shadow Disguise does not mean it's not broken, it does not mean that anyone that actually wants to use it to engage in combat won't have problems with the skill not working as intended, it does not mean that Shadow Disguise needs your total rebuilding idea for it to last for 10 seconds.

    ZOS has confirmed these issues. They just need fixing.
    Guppet wrote: »

    I'm well aware of your pointless rework example for Shadow Disguise.
    Guppet wrote: »
    Also someone that can't see the utility of stealth to avoid combat, is not so one I would want in my raid groups ever, they clearly lack any imagination or ability to think on their feet.

    lol right, because I wasn't sneaking past dragons in UO back in 1997.
    Edited by ZOS_ConnorG on September 6, 2020 4:01PM
  • Prince_Edward
    I really am one to try and make a positive environment, but I just don't understand how someone cannot get it THIS MUCH.... 8(

    Guppet, you really are missing the ENTIRE point that everyone is understanding except you. We all have known the inherent possibilities, capabilities, and potential of the ability since day one. It is very kindergarten level stuff, that no one but you pointed out, bc it didn't need to be. Once again, WE ALL KNOW we can sneak past things when we are INVISIBLE. This is especially useful for people who's characters can't help but breath out of their mouths. What we are all flabbergasted at, is that you insist that everyone is somehow not playing to YOUR potential because we don't use the skill the way that you do. The FACT of the matter, is that we all CHOOSE not to use it the way you do. There are way more effective ways of using the ability, and gaining XP. The FACT of the matter, is that sneaking past mobs doesn't take any skill at all. The FACT of the matter, is that YOU are the one not using the ability to OUR potential. You just will not allow yourself to see that, because you are trying to make yourself sound like you're right. Really, no one even said you're wrong, we just all pointed out that what you had to say didn't matter.

    Like I said, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, or even ruin their experience with the game. However, Guppet, you're either an amazing troll, or you have made yourself look like such a fool. At least try to see what everyone is attempting to get through to you. No one is against you but yourself.

    Very Respectfully and Sincerely,

    The Lost Prince Nimh
  • Neospell
    Soul Shriven
    6 years later and this is still a problem lmao but hey at least mail works now?
    PC/NA Dungeon Runner/PVE Player
    Elf Tickler - Orc/DK- Stam Tank
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    Crystallized Moonlight - Khajiit/NB - Stam dps
  • erio
    I'm sure all NB's will agree that this is one of our signature skills. In more cases than not, this is how we play. Especially in PVE. You go in hidden or you Ambush, execute the target, then vanish. But there are a few things wrong with this skill, that I'm sure you all have noticed as well.

    Your invisibility cloak has a hole

    Sometimes, you'll notice how targets ignore your shadowform invisibility and will still attack you. Or they stand around not attacking, but will follow your movements as if they can see you, and will hit you the moment you become visible again.

    Oh, there you are...

    You're visible again as soon as you materialize. Regardless of your orientation to the targets line of sight.

    They only take it from behind...

    Your damage from the front, while stealthed, doesn't seem to be as much as hitting the target with the same attack while stealthed from their rear.

    I would suggest just a few things, and I have submitted a ticket for this already.

    1. Invisible means invisible. I shouldn't get hit by anything other than a dot or aoe, and it shouldn't make me break stealth. I only get it for 2.5 seconds anyway...

    2. I shouldn't be getting hit the moment the materialization animations starts. When I get knocked to the ground before the shadows around me dissipate, I think that's a little much...

    3. Activating the ability should make you auto-crouch, and be able to maintain a hidden status as long as you're not in the targets line of sight and within their detection range.

    4. Damage to target shouldn't matter based on orientation while stealthed. You're invisible...

    Your thoughts or suggestions?
    Point 1 I agree with, it should actually function properly
    point 2 is a yup, its not good game design to hit your defense ability and it dispears .02 seconds later and you just wasted your limited mag pool.

    Point 3 is a FAT NO. Not all of us are gankers, the worst play style in the game. Im not a vampire, I dont want it to auto crouch me, stopping my stam regen, and then slowing me down.

    Point 4 is something I agree with. The flank stuff is silly imo.
    Edited by erio on September 6, 2020 3:11PM
  • ZOS_ConnorG
    Greetings all,

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    You are welcome to review the Community Rules here.
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  • VaxtinTheWolf
    This thread is from 2014. I'm guessing it wasn't closed because the issues are still comically relevant to the current patch years later.
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  • Gilvoth
    GwaynLoki wrote: »

    Dark Cloak does remove DoTs. What DoTs are you referring to? I've yet to see a DoT my cloak did not remove.

    General: Currently, a Nightblade’s own residual outgoing damage-over-time ticks break his or her invisibility. This is not intended, and will be fixed in a future patch.

    Dark Cloak (Shadow Cloak morph): Dark Cloak is not currently removing damage-over-time (DoT) debuffs as it should be. We’re currently investigating this issue to determine which DoTs are not being removed by Dark Cloak.

    From here:
    And yes, of course you will be taken out of stealth if you get AoE. It's by design, like it or not.

    Are we talking about stealth or invisibility here? I would really like to know what you mean by "by design".

    that is how i remember it as well.
    this does need to be reviewed as she said even still in 2020.
    rest assured, that i did read your response to my feedback comment(s), i always do. and unless i respond back to your comment directly, then i will always stand by my original feedback statement.
  • Ezorus
    Some say these two are still arguing to this very day
    People that tag ZOS employees in their long whingey posts deserve to have the thread removed
  • Deathlord92
    Second I see a nb stealth I will hit my detect pot I imagine that’s your problem.
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